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#6205: Okay, on to the regular stuff.

And it's got to be quick, because I have lots left to do today.

Errands took nearly 90 minutes, about 2/3 of which was spent at the bank poring over 40-year-old documents trying to find something I need. Last week it was the plat of survey for the house; this week--

Got a set of plugs for the Jeep. They're going in after I do the other main chore today, getting the grass cut. Having driven the Jeep all over the place, its engine is hot, and I need to let it cool before I work on it. Not because of anything mechanical, but because I like not burning myself on hot metal.

(Some vehicles have aluminum cylinder heads and you absolutely must not change spark plugs when they are hot, lest you remove the plug boss threads with the plugs themselves....)

Worst case I can do the plugs this weekend. But I'm gonna try.

Then I started making phone calls; well, see the last post. *sigh* Working on getting rid of furniture.

You know, last week I toted the old wingback chair out to the curb. It had suffered from 30 years' worth of cats jumping up onto it, and cigarette smoke--but the latter had not been apparent until Friday morning when I saw it sitting in the morning sunlight and realize how friggin' dingy it had gotten. Holy crap did it look awful.

30 years of cigarette smoke. Yeah.

It soaks into everything! So, the ants came back in the bathroom, this time on the floor--maybe another nest, maybe not--so I put the ant trap where they were coming from. Had to keep the door closed lest Maki play with the ant trap; and after the room had been closed for about 12 hours I stepped into it and smelled cigarette smoke. The closet in the computer room (which used to be Mom's room) is the same way.

Same ant trap as before, by the way, and after about 36 hours there are no more ants coming for the bait. I am going to put one in the crawl space, just to be sure.

Anyway, trying to dispose of the sofa, because it's just flat ruined; even without the cats, the cigarette smoke alone is enough. To get rid of that, you'd have to strip it to the frame and replace all the upholstery, including the padding--and if you're doing that, you're paying enough for a new sofa anyway--and since this furniture is vintage 1980, it is not even remotely valuable.

Vintage 1982, mass-produced department store furniture. Yeah. No, it's going out Friday.

* * *

So, the big story that's pumping gas prices this week is how meany-mean-head Isralei soldiers shot a bunch of Palestinian saints and choir boys.

Apparently no one ever explained to the Palestinians that not being shot by soldiers is actually pretty simple most of the time.
Step 1. Don't attack soldiers.

Step 2. When in doubt, see Step 1.

That means not trying to disembowel them with your peaceful knife and not throwing rocks at their head. Because while you might think that legal activism includes attempted murder, the men in uniform think that attempted murder should result in sudden death. And when that happens you will realize that fanatical passion for your poorly thought out cause and a medieval weapon are no match for trained soldiers who have guns and know how to use them.

The thing to remember is that while just about every revolution you read about does involve a crowd of people rushing at armed men, those people usually end up dead or in a lot of pain. You should expect to have the same thing happen to you. Putting on a Kefiyah or a pair of Birkenstocks does not exempt you from the laws of physics, or the code of common sense. Putting your wacky beliefs about a pedophile who rode a flying horse in a dream aside, if you attack someone, you should expect them to respond. And if they have a gun, they will respond with bullets.
It really is not any more difficult than that, though I suppose if you are raised in a tradition which has not been updated since the seventh fricking century that intellectual leap might be a tad beyond you.

Maybe if we explain that bullets are like really fast arrows or something, they'd get it?

I lost my patience with Palestine a very long time ago. I don't blame Israel at all; in fact I think Israel has shown almost saint-like patience and restraint with an enemy which refuses to negotiate and which continually seeks to injure and kill Israeli innocents even as it decries incidents like this one.

Larry Niven elucidated it thus:
1) Do not throw shit at an armed man.
2) Do not stand next to someone who is throwing shit at an armed man.
That's all it takes. The IDF soldiers would not have shot at a peaceful protest, but a protest which throws things at people is not a peaceful one.

Somewhere I saw a short video of this imbroglio featuring a Palestinian man hobbling around on Canadian crutches, until the shooting started and--gasp, it's a miracle!--suddenly he began running for cover, the crutches forgotten. I think he even dropped one.

Much of what comes out of Palestine is utter bullshit; the goals of their leadership are aligned with those of communism; and they refuse to negotiate for peace, preferring unending conflict to reasonable compromise. So, yeah, not sorry.

* * *

Gordon Ramsay does have a foul mouth but I have to admit it's entertaining. "You burned that fucking dish so black it went out and stole my bicycle!" Chef Ramsay, you raciss.

Oh, mercy. Which is why I wonder if this is parody or quotation:

* * *

Speaking of good ones, Democrat, if elected President, says he/she/it would impeach Donald Trump, proving that you don't need to know beans about our political system to work in it.

Hey, idiot: 1) the President does not impeach the President; Congress does. 2) If you're President, Donald Trump is not, and he can't be impeached.

Of course, that idiot line plays well with Democrat voters, because it strokes their FEELZ the right way even though it's not even remotely connected with reality.

* * *

So, Larry Correia was GoH at some convention, only after a small clique of SJW asshats complained that his presence would make them feel unsafe, they dis-invited him.

Francis Porretto tells us the right way to handle this: refund to each and every complainant his paid registration fee, with the following remark:
We're sorry you feel that way. Here's a full refund. We hope to see you at a future event.
That's what you do. You do not inconvenience your GoH (who likely has already booked travel for the event) and you also do not disappoint the fans who are coming specifically to see him. You tell the tiny, screeching minority that they're welcome to come to a future con where your GoH won't be GoH. You do it politely and without a trace of rancor, but that's what you do--and you make damned sure that screeching minority is not allowed to register for this convention, one way or another.

(Unless they use an assumed name, in which case they could be violating your T&C, you know....)

* * *

I have long understood that so-called progressives--leftists--hate the third world. Everytime you look at what a leftist wants to do for the third world, it's always meant to keep those people poor, living in squalor and misery and want.

Example: if you invent a way to make rice more nutritious, thus feeding more people with better quality food? The leftists work ceaselessly and tirelessly to ban it as "genetically modified". The movement to ban "GMO" foods is a travesty, ensuring that more people in third world countries starve to death than otherwise would.

Borepatch zeros in on the tell-tale phrase: "if left unchecked". Leftists don't want the third world to develop, because they see it as a threat. I mean, for one thing, if there were no third world, where would they get their cheap domestic help?

But furthermore, people who are not dirt poor don't need government. The whole reason leftists want to get rid of the middle class comes from the fact that the middle class is self-sufficient and, most of the time, merely wants to be left alone. The rich and super-rich, they give money to politicians, and the poor and ultra-poor need government handouts and vote for politicians that increase them--but the middle class doesn't need handouts and doesn't give much money to politicians.

* * *

Because one costs as much as--frequently more than!--a new car. Harley Davidson motorcycles are $ASSRAPE, and for that, what do you get? You can go down the street to Yamaha or Honda or Kawasaki or Suzuki, and get much the same style and performance, for a third of the price.

The simple problem here stems from the fact that motorcycles are, largely, luxury goods; and HD motorcycles are high-priced luxury goods. An entry-level HD costs as much as a top-line Japanese bike; if you decide to buy a Honda Gold Wing that'll set you back $20k but that's still cheaper than a Harley, and it comes fully dressed to boot.

Saw an article (forgot where or when) that explained the simple fact that despite the good economic news we've had since Trump took office we are still in a depression. The Trump tax cuts helped, but they have not fixed the root causes; things are better now than they were under Obama but they are not good.

* * *

Speaking of shitty economic news--gas jumped to $3.20 a gallon, probably at the exact moment this week's paycheck was deposited in my bank account. *sigh*

* * *

Interesting point. If you remove Chicago and Detroit (what about Baltimore?) from the crime statistics, suddenly the US is one of the safest nations on the planet.

We do not have a gun problem. We have a criminal problem. Especially considering that most of the violent crime in Chicago is perpetrated by a few percent of its population.

* * *

Londo Calrissian gets his own movie? Seriously?
Cray-cray Kay-kay's [Director Kathleen Kennedy] savior is now a forty year old character that was never really all that interesting. What is going to happen in Lando? Do we get to see how he becomes the administrator of Cloud City? Because that is his only story. Maybe we get to see Lobot's origin story. Perhaps we get so see how he got Doctor's Dre's Beats before they were cool.
Based entirely on the success of Black Panther the Star Wars franchise needs a black man story, too, I suppose. Bonus points for Londo always having been a black man.


* * *

Well, that grass ain't going to cut itself. And if I had self-cutting GMO grass, some liberal would have a hissy fit and ban it. Meanwhile they get mad if I use a gas-powered lawn mower to cut it myself.

They're gonna be mad anyway. To hell with 'em all.

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