atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6208: Remember when film characters didn't have to have sexual orientations?

Disney has decided that Londo Calrissian, who was--prior to Fin--the Star Wars universe's token black man, must be "pansexual", because.

I honestly don't know what their reasoning is. I've seen the reports and none of them offers a compelling reason for Londo Calrissian to be a pervert on par with Little Richard. Certainly it's not going to be anything like a major motivating factor for the character; it's not as if they're going to do Brokeback Planet Bespin and focus on his highly nonspecific sexual orientation. And making the movie about him into such a--charitably put--character study would be so off-putting to SW fans that it would probably finish the franchise off.

What it amounts to is "SJW because we can".

* * *

So, another school shooting. At a school which was a "gun-free" zone. Uh huh. This sums it all up.

The anti-gun crowd proves the pro-gun crowd's point time and again.

* * *

So, that "flu-like" stuff I had yesterday went away after I made myself eat something.

It happened again today; I felt like utter shit and went through a litany of worst-case scenarios, but when lunchtime came I had lunch and--gee--started feeling a lot better. (And really sleepy.)

Basic symptom is feeling very very crappy from just above the diaphragm to just above the navel. I was even thinking, "Heart attack?" until I realized that a heart attack doesn't stop feeling so bad when you take a drink, and this was doing just that. (And the pain wasn't radiating down my arm.) If the discomfort abates after something goes into your stomach, you have gastritis, and considering that the esophagus passes pretty near the pericardium, it's not terribly surprising that a really good case of gastritis could make you think otherwise.

Think about all the times you've heard of someone mistaking a heart attack for a bad stomach. But the difference is, in those cases, eating, drinking, taking antacids, none of that helps.

Due to the IBS, I think that too-spicy chinese food is causing a traffic jam downstream, which is exacerbating the upstream stuff, and that's why I've felt so crappy for the past few days.

Well--I have Saturday off, and I'm going to rest as much as I can. That should help.

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