atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6209: The thrills!

You know, I never expected this from marriage.

Mrs. Fungus: Why do we have cottage cheese from 2017??

Me: I don't know, dear. You bought it. I don't eat cottage cheese.


* * *

So, birthday happened. Mrs. Fungus got me a boxed set of Lovejoy, which is a British mystery series about a guy who's an antique expert. We watched 2 eps last night and enjoyed it, which is good because there are another 70 episodes left to watch.

Series stars Ian McShane (Deadwood, American Gods, etc) and these first two eps were from 1985 so he's a lot younger--but you can still see him coming through the character.

That's something I've noticed about shows these days; there are not very many actors who have screen presence. Ian Mcshane is one who does, and his characters are larger-than-life. Most enjoyable, even though it has some cheesy bits.

* * *

On my way to work the other day I thought of more stuff that Apocalyptic Visions needs: aliens. Specifically, setup for some of the elements of $Release_Candidate_One. Thought of it on my way to work, so once I got there I sent myself an e-mail containing the ideas.

Looking more and more like this deal's going to be 2-3 books rather than one. That's okay.

* * *

So I'm home today due to birthday. Tomorrow will be chore day. *sigh*

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