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#6210: Oh God, this is glorious

Trump is demanding that the Department of Justice investigate whether the Obama Administration ordered that his campaign be spied upon by government officials.

I don't expect indictments; that won't happen because Democrats. But the investigation will be entertaining in itself.

* * *

This is why you don't go into the wilderness unarmed.

Okay: I live in a suburb. I'm perhaps thirty miles from the center of Chicago, and the only real "wilderness" that exists here is a patch of woodlands which is surrounded on three sides by houses, and the fourth by farm fields. The largest animal I am likely to encounter there is a raccoon; and I was allowed, as a child, to roam freely about the area because of that.

My oldest niece grew up on a former dairy farm surrounded by miles of woodland; the nearest house not less than half a mile away and the nearest town a two-mile hike. She was not allowed to go wandering around in the woods by herself, and her father kept a rather serious collection of firearms. When I visited there, I didn't even want to go outside the house at night, much less go wandering in the forest. Large predators were not common around there, but moose were. You do the math.

If you live in the city or the suburbs, you generally don't need weapons to protect yourself from wildlife. The mere presence of so many humans is enough to keep the big ones away. But as soon as you step outside those conditions, and you're out in the wilderness? You need to carry a firearm, and you need to be alert, lest you end up like these two hapless mountain bikers.

That means you can't be listening to your iPod while biking along, as if you were riding through the park; you need to scan the woods around your trail and be alert for noises and on the lookout for threats.

* * *

Added a few pages to AV last night. They are entertaining. I like them. I'm going to have to pull a GRR Martin and split the thing into at least two books, though.

* * *

At some point I need to get outside and cut the grass. *sigh*

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