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#6212: Ahh, that's nice.

I love making a sandwich with some good hard salami and extra-sharp cheddar. I mean, the salami, you ought to be able to file it to a point and use it as a deadly weapon, and the cheese should be able to cut glass. Put those two things together and it doesn't matter what you're eating it on. Just don't belch on anything, because it'll probably melt....

* * *

Pardon my french, but then why the everlasting FUCK is gas $3.32 in the Fungal Vale?

This really pisses me off. The US has been a net producer of petroleum and natural gas for years now, yet gasoline is still expensive.

Actually, I know why: because what the US produces, petroleum-wise, is pretty thick stuff. What few remaining refineries there are in the US are built to handle "light, sweet" crude, stuff that's thin and full of gasoline and diesel. And because there hasn't been a new refinery built in the last forty fricking years, we don't have any modern refineries which can handle the thick stuff very well, so we export the thick stuff and import the thin stuff.

I mean, gee, you think maybe that organic chemistry has advanced just a little bit from where it was in 1979? Like maybe they've found some dynamite catalysts which crack thick crude into gas faster than you can say "where's the beef?"--said slogan being younger than the refineries in the US?

Other countries certainly don't have any trouble using the thick stuff.

Gas is $3.32 around here because of stupidity, that's why. Eco-morons, NIMBY-morons, and the electric bicycles they rode in on. We can't build new and modern, efficient refineries, which means we can't use our own damned crude oil. And of course our government would rather set the CAFE standard at 75 MPG in the name of "reducing our dependence on foreign oil!" than ever do the one stinking thing that would let us raise our middle fingers towards the middle east now and forever. We have more proven deposits than Saudi Arabia does, for fuck's sake!

* * *

There has been a 0.56°C drop in the global temperature anomaly in the past two years. That pretty much wipes out all the warming that occurred in the 20th century.

Hey, I've cited the statistic time and again! There's been about half a degree of warming since 1900, and most of it occurred prior to 1940--and that's over, because we should now be about where we were 118 years ago. actuality? The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 dropped the temperature anomaly by a similar magnitude--so in fact we've only had some warming since 1991 (not bloody much!). In a world where we had actual scientists recording the temperature data we might show up as being cooler now than we were in 1900. Or might not. There's literally no way to tell; the data's been fucked with too much.

* * *

Want to know how strong the strong force really is? It holds a proton together when its internal pressure is 1.5x10^31 PSI. Which is:
15,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 PSI

Or 15,000,000,000,000,000,000 TRILLION PSI

...luckily that pressure is exerted over a vanishingly small volume. But the strong force holds the quarks of a proton together against that much force. Even stranger, though, near the outer periphery of the proton there's an inward pressure, less strong than the outward pressure near its center.

* * *

One gang member shooting another on school property at 3 AM is not a school shooting.

* * *

To borrow a phrase, this is a big fuckin' deal.

Understand this: Obama ordering the FBI to infiltrate the Trump campaign is worse than Watergate. He had better not have done it. If he did....

* * *

Advantage to living on a volcano: Geothermal power. Disadvantage of living on a volcano: they erupt and sometimes threaten the geothermal power plant that provides 25% of the power for the island.

* * *

Yes, this is definitely so.
Lucas claiming that Darth Vader was always Luke's father. Bullshit. In his original iteration Vader was more like a court favorite commando, sort of like Otto Skorzeny. He really wasn't all that important in the circles of the Empire's high and mighty. Princess Leia didn't think twice about getting all up in his grill when he boarded her ship. The admirals in the Deathstar conference room seemed to regard him as Tarkin's pet. Tarkin was the most important guy in that room, not Darth Vader. He was just a knuckle duster. "He was just the guy that showed up when the Empire meant business." - Mister Plinkett

Also, he wasn't Luke's Father.

The early drafts of the script had Luke's Father and Darth Vader fighting it out on the rim of a volcano. They both fell in and only Vader crawled out. Vader didn't become Luke's father until Empire.

It wasn't just a plot twist, it was the lowest point in the story for Luke because the central truth of his life was now revealed as a lie. That worked but there was no string of clues adding up to the reveal.
And that is why I didn't believe it. Look: Darth Vader was the bad guy in the movie. When he said he was Luke's father, I was convinced that he was lying, because DUHH! FUCKIN' BAD GUY! You know? Why do you trust anything he says, expecially when you know he's trying to beat you?

I honestly did not believe Darth Vader was Luke's father until Return of the Jedi when Obi Wan Kenobi said it.

And as the blockquote points out, there was absolutely zero foreshadowing of it. Although I didn't really get it at the time, that's another reason I didn't buy it: there was no prior sign of that in the friggin' story.

George Lucas is an awful storyteller.
If you ever watch the documentary on the making of Phantom Menace, George reaches a point where he realized that the climax is an unworkable mess with too much stuff going on all at once and no one in the room knows what to say to him.
I've seen that moment several times, and I know what the looks on their faces meant: it meant, "How the fuck do we tell the boss this is complete shit without losing our jobs?"

No one wanted to be the first to say anything bad about it, because he would have lost his job on the spot, regardless of how correct he was. If you watch that clip, you see that they all wait for Lucas to speak, and when he says that there's a problem, the relief on their faces is manifest.

* * *

Man, I need to cut that back grass tomorrow. It's a friggin' jungle on the east 40. Shit.

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