atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6216: Incrementalism

Hacked back a bit of the foliage by the patio today. I'll do more on that job tomorrow and/or Sunday.

Fired up the grill to make burgers. At first it wouldn't go. The gauge on the cylinder said "empty", even though it was new last summer. I figured I'd take the tank out of the grill before putting it away--only when I twisted the connector, the needle went snikt from "empty" to "full". The gauge attachment has a gewgaw in it that shuts off the flow if there's a leak, so maybe there was something weird going on with it; I don't know.

Anyway, the burgers were delicious, and I no longer have to dodge and weave around foliage to get onto the patio. When I finish this job, the deadwood will all be out of there, the mulberry bush stump will be treated with RoundUp, and it'll all be a lot cleaner and clearer.

Practice for the front bushes. *sigh*

* * *

This actually is the correct decision. Trump should have the right to mute the myriad of idiots, but should not necessarily have the right to keep them from seeing what he says.

* * *

A little wisdom from the Bible: shall know them by their works.

* * *

Traffic on the way home was worse than I'd expected it to be. I didn't really care, though, since I had a couple of CDs with me (Kansas' Freaks of Nature and ELO's Time) so I was just rolling along listening to music I like and relaxing in the early summer evening air.

Was getting home with the sun setting just as "Peaceful and Warm" came on; it's the last song on Freaks of Nature and I'd always imagined that as a kind of sunsetty song anyway, so it worked out well.

Tomorrow, theoretically, should be dead flat boring, with nothing happening at all at work. I'm looking forward to it, though; I might get to work on AV or something.

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