atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6218: What had I planned?

My plan was to come home, throw some polish sausage and brats on the grill, then relax in a lawn chair and maybe spend a little time pruning. Instead--

I'm not complaining, mind you. after the deal was done and the car bought, we drove it to Culver's, where we had dinner. Then we took her for a little spin.

Not bad at all. Not what I'd planned, but this was more fun, anyway.

* * *

This is also likely to blow my Sunday plans completely out of the water. Already, we're spending part of Sunday cleaning the garage.

The garage was clean last August, before I started hauling shit out of the attic; in late November I hauled the shit that couldn't be summarily dumped to a storage locker. Since then, I've gotten rid of some other trash and useless dreck--but the garage is a disaster because in November I was more worried about getting the junk out than I was rearranging stuff and putting it away--and there was all the attic shit in the way anyway.

90% of our work should be just pulling stuff out of the garage, and then putting it back into the garage in some semblance of order. I guess I'll be bringing my computer desk back into the house, too (I've only been putting that off because it's tedious). There is now more space in that garage than there was before I brought the attic crap down; it's just distributed inefficiently. We can fix that with a few hours' work, I think.

* * *

Work today--

Some store made a mistake on its order. Warehouse calls me and says they can see the volume of the shipment but not the weight, and this was keeping the system from letting them process the order.

Normally, my role is to take down the details, create a ticket, contact Engineering, and let them do their thing. Today, however, I had two Skype windows open--one to the guy at the warehouse and one to the Software guy--and was going back and forth between them.

But I said it was a store error. What could a store do that would cause an error in the warehouse like that?

An order for 7895 bags of birdseed, 20 lbs each. That's a bit shy of eighty tons, which is why the computer horked up a bucket of dicks over it. Let's see--assume 45 pounds per cubic feet; 160,000 pounds of seed would fill the cubic volume of a single trailer--but that would be well over the maximum GVWR of 80,000 lbs, so we'd have to split it up to avoid overloading the truck. Each truck can carry about 20 tons without being overloaded (assuming about 20 tons for tractor and trailer), so, yeah--four trucks, each carrying a bit less than 2,000 bags of seed.

But no single store is going to order nearly eight thousand bags of birdseed. I doubt there's that much birdseed across the combined inventories of all the warehouses. When the guy from the warehouse suggested putting that part of it off until later, I started to equivocate and say it might not be a bad idea--but then common sense kicked in and I told him to go ahead and do that. (Because no single store is going to order 8,000 bags of birdseed.)

Presto, it did.

My job is to facilitate solutions; I did exactly that. That is why they pay me to sit there and do almost nothing on Saturdays: so that if something does go wrong, there is someone there to coordinate the effort to fix it.

* * *

Damn it--I still cannot believe my wife bought a Mustang. Man.

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