atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6221: Well, that was...something.

I wrote maybe a page of AV while at work today.

Got less than five hours of sleep last night, got up later than I'd wanted--but that was fine because Memorial Day and there was no traffic on the highways at 7 AM. Got to work early.

So naturally, I had all this time to do whatever I wanted to do, and all I could do was sit there and try not to doze off. Then I had a brainstorm: I left a random e-mail open in my call-and-email thingy so it would stay in ready, and then tried to catch a couple of Z's knowing (believing) that the attempt would wake me up.

Totally unsuccessful. I actually dozed off for a couple of minutes.

I tried writing, but every time I would get a thought started my phone would ring. There were two busy periods today; once when I was trying to write, and once when I was trying to get out of there. Argh. So, maybe a page, and what I wrote did not seem very good to me.

Then I actually did fall asleep on my way home, for a couple of seconds. I dreamed that the odometer numbers were dancing, as corny as that sounds, because I fell asleep thinking about how in a few miles the numbers would be almost symmetrical; and then I was watching them flip around, demonstrating the symmetry, and WTF! NO! I woke up.

Definitely have to go to bed earlier on Sunday nights, and definitely need to take something to help me sleep.

Got home, laid down in bed; Mrs. Fungus came home bearing food, so we ate. Nearly time for bed, though, for which I am just as happy, because damn it, tired.

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