atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6222: What a day

Woke up this morning feeling tired--despite going to bed early!--and dragged myself to work. Traffic was lighter than I'd expected it to be, which is good, because I had to stop for gas and hadn't left until 9. Got to work on time. It was friggin' non-stop, and there were so many vendors needing password resets I just left the validation engine open. Shit.

Left work at the usual time, dragged myself home, almost falling asleep several times. Got home, landed in bed, fell asleep--and I would still be there had my wife not opened a can of pop loudly enough to be heard on Mercury.


At this point I'm praying it'll rain tomorrow, so I won't have to do any yardwork. I set the DVR to record the race on Sunday, because I had to work on the garage; I haven't had time to watch it. So LET IT RAIN tomorrow? Please?


Although I say it was non-stop at work, it really wasn't; of course there was about an hour where there was nothing to do just so I'd get extra-sleepy. But during that time I looked at some on-line parts suppliers, and found that converting to front power disk brakes will cost about $1,400, at least from one place.

New HEI distributor--get rid of those points--$90.

Frame stiffeners--$240, and they bolt on. They recommend welding them on for hard use. We don't expect to go around doing burnouts, but it would be nice to be able to romp on the gas once in a while. This was originally a 6-cyl car, and the 6-cyl cars weren't built to take the torque of a V8; I could put these things on and significantly stiffen the chassis in about an afternoon, and that's a really nice price to boot.

About an hour's nap after getting home; now I can do a little WoW before I go wash the dishes. *sigh*

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