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Awakened at 9:30, up now, unhappy about it. Have some things to do around the house; then I'm going to go rent a trailer to get all the recycling crap out of the garage, after which I'll cut the grass. What a thrill.

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May of 1968 was a bunch of selfish assholes, spoiled by their parents, wrecking the culture that gave them such plenty. We should not celebrate but rue it.

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Fred Reed talks about the racial disparity in intelligence, and warns us that the Chinese are smarter than we are. It's true: asians rank highest in IQ tests; whites are next.

And it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter because American whites have something that Chinese asians do not: initiative. It's not an accident that America overtook Europe as the intellectual center of the western world; if there is anything that Americans have in spades, it is the brash self-assurance necessary to build an airplane in the back of a bicycle shop, a personal computer in a garage, an on-line marketplace in a basement. And on, and on.

If you look at what China does, you find that they're excellent at copying things and improving things, but not so good at inventing things. The Chinese do not, generally speaking, innovate; for example, they currently have the world's fastest supercomputer but they did not invent computers, not even the "super" variety.

I might take this argument seriously if it weren't for the example of Japan. Japan, in the 1980s, was a juggernaut that was going to displace the US as the world leader in technology, innovation, and industry. Why, the future is Japanese, don't you know that? Watch Back to the Future II, where the elder Marty McFly is kowtowing to a Japanese boss, down to greeting him in Japanese and bowing obsequeously.

But Japan was flawed by two things. First, socialism; that places a heavy cost on the society which supports it and they rapidly ran out of "other peoples' money"; to make matters worse they doubled down on it, which led to decades of stagnant economic conditions.

Second, they didn't innovate. Japan doesn't invent things any more than China does. They adopt, adapt, and improve everything they get their hands on, but what inventions have come from Japan that are actual inventions? And they don't innovate because they have too much respect for authority and tradition. That has always hampered them, and it will continue to hamper them, because it's intrinsic to their culture. They'll always be able to do what they've done, and do it well, but it would require a major sea change to make their culture into one that can out-innovate western civilization.

The Chinese invented things like gunpowder and pasta, but their technological development stalled there. It took western civilization to bring electricity and mechanical power and computers and flight to China. The rest of the orient did no better; Japan's "industrial revolution" started during the Meiji Restoration, which started when Commodore Perry sailed his ships into Edo Bay in 1853, and Japan saw how perilously far behind the rest of the world it was, technologically.

Which is not to say that China can't eat our metaphorical lunch. It can--if we leave it unguarded.

But Fred says,
A fully developed China will be able to deploy several times as many researchers and engineers, these being at least as intelligent as America’s, on problems of its choosing. Numbers count. They will count more as time goes by.

This strongly suggests that, unless Washington starts a major war to prevent it, or China collapses from within, the future is in the East. It also suggests that the United States would be well advised to do all it can to maintain its competitiveness for as long as it can.
He makes the point that even if nothing changes, China will eventually overtake the US in technological supremacy.

No. Because their culture will get in the way, much the same way Japanese culture got in the way. Remember that China is a communist, totalitarian country; although their leaders looked at the example set by the USSR and avoided lots of the pitfalls, they still attempt to control the hearts and minds of their people--and that kind of control is utterly incompatible with the kind of robust inventiveness that pushed us from box-kite airplanes to the Moon landing in two-thirds of a century.

But Fred goes on to say, "Instead [the US] seems to be committing imperial harakiri, deliberately lowering the quality of education in all fields at all levels." That is how China could win the race.

"Could", not "will", because I'm optimistic about my culture. There are always ups and downs; western civilization is too powerful to be contained. The forces arrayed against it (political correctness et alii) are self-limiting. Once they establish themselves, they rapidly begin to attack each other. The conservative media are full of stories about this or that lefty-lunatic institution going after that other lefty-lunatic organization for its insufficient ideological purity.

And we have President Trump, whose election proved that the system still works as intended. If Trump doesn't succeed, the next guy will be even more hard-nosed. Wait and see.

* * *

A perfect example of leftism in action. California is a shithole, and we'd be better off letting the Marines saw the whole state off the continent, and sinking it in the Pacific.

* * *

Rosanne got fired and her show got canceled because she said something stupid. Further, reruns of the original series have been pulled from broadcast, too.

I remember this:

That is a comparison, from the Bush era, of Defense Secretary Colin Powell, to an ape. It was made by a leftist, who (of course) got a complete pass for doing so.

But Roseanne Barr supports Trump, so she must be destroyed, regardless of how much it costs ABC to do it.

Anyone who thinks Hollywood cares more about money than about leftism probably huffs his own flatulence and loves the smell.

Oh, and as a commentor points out--it's simply impossible to find things like House of Cards or The Cosby Show or any of a seeming myriad of other shows starring men who sexually assaulted other people. Because Hollywood believes so much in morality that they just couldn't accept the idea of making money off shows which star such bad people. Right? *rolleyes*

* * *

So, it's so NSFW I can't post it here, but I have a link.

Miley Cyrus demands respect for women.

Evidently, she can't afford panties because she spent it all on weird strap-on hardware.

Today's brain-busting image is brought to you by Glint, the structural adhesive and vitamin tonic of the stars!

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Agreed. Chelsea Manning is a confused person. Having had sex change surgery, the poor person is now suffering one of the many catastrophic side effects--suicidal depression. Despite everything the person did, Manning is still human. You don't tell people to "jump" when they're out on a ledge. You just don't.

* * *

Kurt Schlichter. Oh, yes:
We understand something the Conservative, Inc., goofs never seem to figure out. They howl that all we are about these days is "owning the libs" and "winning," but here's the thing. Sometimes, you have to win. Sometimes, you have to stop yapping and start performing. Once in a while, you have to put points on the board. Otherwise, people stop listening to you. It's possible to spend your whole career inside Conservative, Inc., drifting from cheesy think tank sinecure to lame magazine scribbling gig, never actually winning anything. But out here, in America, we want to, and need to, prevail. Our rights and our dignity are merely theoretical constructs to the Fredocons, and are of no significance to them. But our rights and dignity matter to us. And we are acting and voting accordingly.
Yep. It's not just taxes and spending at the federal level, though that's the most obvious indicator; it's everything. We dutifully voted for these idiots for years based on their promises, only to have them cave again and again and again.

I am not the only one.

* * *

If you try to roast marshmallows over molten lava, you deserve what you get. Which, absent the right gear and precautions, is likely to be severe burns all over your body.

Natalie Dee for the win.

* * *

Well, guess I need to get on with the getting on, though I really don't want to.

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