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#6225: I'm really not sure which is worse.

In practical terms this probably saved him from a worse death, but still. I mean, either way the guy was going to die, since he had the misfortune of being in Pompeii when Vesuvius chose to erupt in 33 AD, and the town was being inundated by a pyroclastic flow.

A pyroclastic flow is basically a red-hot avalanche. It does not take one a very long time to kill you, but it probably takes a highly unpleasant few seconds.

Very large hunk of stone to the upper body--the one image I've seen looks like it landed right on the guy's head. That would be very quick.

Problem is, it's likely that the pyroclastic flow is what dislodged the hunk of stone, and if that was the case, the poor guy was probably already roasted where he stood. I mean, the earthquakes that accompany a major volcanic eruption could also have knocked the stone loose, which would have spared him the rest of it, but that's not what the experts think.

Well...that was a long time ago, wasn't it?

* * *

Spygate looks lots like Watergate. Indeed.

* * *

Grading a news article on Hamas' attacks on Israel, and Israel's response. The way that the press writes things does not show a very good grasp of the subject matter, does it? And this kind of image really points out how bad reporting really is about things.

* * *

So, when I left work this evening, it was thirty degrees cooler outside than it had been 24 hours before.

59° outside now, with a stupid-low dewpoint. Marvelous.

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