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#6226: Politics trumps money

In my younger days my lefty friends would argue with me that the media was all about money and they wouldn't piss off half the country just to make a political statement, because that would cost them money. Therefore, the media did not have a hard left bias, QED.

Marvel cares more about "diversity" than it does about money.

Their readership--and therefore their sales--are in steady decline, yet they've doubled down on "diversity" the expense of good stories, which is what people buy comic books for. It's much more important for Ms. Marvel to be a muslim than for the book to be about something interesting. Thor's a woman now because muh diversity. Etcetera.

What Marvel is losing on comic book sales is a drop in the bucket for Disney compared with what the Star Wars franchise is doing, but the same thing is happening there. The Last Jedi was moderately entertaining, mostly (containing only a few "count the light bulbs" sequences) but the sequences with Luke were what carried the movie. The casino sequence was entirely unnecessary.

...and I'm not going down that rabbit hole again.

* * *

And in the "California is a shithole" department:

I would argue that California is a "progressive-topia". Look: you can have a utopia (nice place) or a dystopia (bad place), so when you have a place where lefty politics are carried out and things go to shit as they inevitably do when everything is run by leftists for decades, that is a "progressive-topia".

Detroit is a "progressive-topia". Chicago is a "progressive-topia". Get it?

Water rationing in California. 55 gallons per day per home. That's two and a half showers. A load of laundry with a little left over for a sponge bath. "Everyone can have one glass of water today because I need to wash my pants for work tomorrow!"

"Progressive-topia". Perfect example.

* * *

Why are Illinois taxpayers on the hook for $172 million to build "Obamaland" if it's not going to be his actual presidential library? Nothing but a monument to Obama's ego, and I bet a finsky that the gangs will ruin it in less than a decade, anyway.

I'm sure that Illinois has bigger problems, places it could better spend that $172 million than on this stupid edifice.

* * *

Long ago someone put up a video on YouTube which was an alternate universe version of Raiders of the Lost Ark where Charlton Heston was Indiana Jones, and I said I desperately wanted to visit that universe.

Turns out this is that universe, only the movie is called Secret of the Incas and it was the actual inspiration for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

After embedding a YouTube video in his post, he goes on to say:
This is the full uncut version of Secret of the Incas. It was made by Paramount and was buried so deeply in their vault after Raiders of the Lost Ark came out that they forgot about it completely and it fell into public domain.
...and then posts an image of Nelson Muntz. Ha, ha!

* * *

Why medical care costs so much.

* * *

Lowering standards is a bad thing.

* * *

...I was going to write more, but I faded, and feel like going back to bed for a little while longer. My primary chore today is to cut the grass, but it has been literal weeks since I was able to sleep in. I wouldn't be up now if I hadn't needed food to stave off an impending headache, and as soon as I sat down here the old habit took over.

Well, I'm putting a stop to it now.

* * *

Incidentally, added a few more pages to AV at work yesterday. It was dead almost all day.

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