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#6228: That was a nice day

Overtime at work today, like every Monday, but because I swapped a shift with a coworker I went in at my usual time and stayed late. It was very nice.

* * *

Because girls can't wear shorts, you idiots! That's why boys have to wear skirts! It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with forcing boys to dress like girls!

Related: if you try to understand the psychology of the transgender movement you will soon be completely exhausted. "Nonsensical" and "illogical" aren't even a good start.

* * *

Airport regulations are making a fiasco out of traffic. Heh.

* * *

No, this is impossible. There are no gun crimes in England because guns are illegal there. Certainly there are never any drive-by shootings!

* * *

One question turned Hillary Clinton into a raving lunatic. You know what would be awesome would be if someone had left a camera running and the video of Hillary Clinton throwing an epic temper tantrum somehow made it out into the world.

* * *

I'm actually not even remotely surprised by this. It's business as usual for Illinois; of course the most incompetent school administrators make the most money. It's how the democrats pay off their constituents.
Gregory Jackson received $340,405 (up from $325,208 last year) as the superintendent of Ford Heights SD 169. Why is Jackson making a massive salary when just one in five children in his district passed the statewide PARCC exam? Further, there are just 434 students in the district, and 97 percent are from low-income homes.
Ford Heights is not so very far from the Fungal Vale. It's an unremediated shithole; I will not drive through there after dark and I'm hesitant to drive through it in the daytime. It is also squarely in the congressional district once represented by Jesse Jackson Junior. You do the math.

The socialized educational system is a government scam. Teachers are reliably leftist, and support Democrats exclusively; they are well rewarded for their loyalty.

* * *

97% bullshit, actually.

* * *

Did a bit more on AV today. I'm trying to get the story to critical mass, so that it becomes self-sustaining, but it's slow going. The next bits are coming, but I'm having to work at it around other obligations. I'll keep chipping away at it.

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