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#6230: Decidedly not sane, that's for sure.

And she's proud of it! "I just wrote 'fuck Trump' with my poop!" said the three-year-old adult woman whose vote counts the same as yours.

Okay, there are two categories of people who get a pass for playing with their own feces: toddlers and the mentally disabled. If you are that proud of using your own bowel movement to write a political slogan, guess which category to which you belong?

* * *

There really is no right answer here, is there? Short form: white woman accosted by crazed man; two sane and sober white men get up and leave the car rather than help. Woman proceeds to blame sane and sober men for what happened to her, because they didn't help her.

Make note of that: she doesn't blame the guy who accosted her. You know, the guy who actually attacked her, he isn't at fault; it's the guys who didn't help her who are to blame.

But this happened in England, where--if you defend yourself--you end up being arrested and tried for committing a violent crime. Remember that guy who shot someone who had invaded his home? There was serious debate whether he would be arrested and tried for it. I think the only reason they didn't was that he was well over eighty years old.

There's no upside for the white males, here. If you help the woman, you get arrested for assault and battery, and stand a good chance of going to jail. God help you if the crazed guy dies, because then the press pillories you for beating to death an innocent crazy man. How much better it is not to get involved, and therefore be blamed anonymously, for not helping?

Feminism has, for the past five decades, screamed for "equality". That woman got her equality, right there. You want to take offense and holler "I don't need a man to help me!" at a man who holds a door open for you? Fine, but when you need a man's muscles and reflexes, they're going to remember what you said.

It's your side that's complaining about "toxic masculinity". Don't expect that toxic masculinity to be available when you need it.

* * *

And speaking of "hypocrisy is an essential characteristic of leftism", we have today's feel-good gun story: Michael Pfleger, anti-gun asshat extraordinaire is of course one of those "important" people who has armed guards to protect him even as he campaigns for the elimination of gun rights for you and me.
And now, wonder of wonders, one of his armed guards has been arrested not only for having an illegal gun, but for not having a FOID (Firearms Owners ID) card. Illinois, unsurprisingly for a state so badly and corruptly run, requires citizens to have a special state-issued card before they are allowed to exercise their basic rights. It's good and proper for citizens to arm themselves regardless of what power-mad bureaucrats might have to say on the subject...but if you are yourself a power-mad anti-gun nut, maybe you aught to make sure that the guys you hire to stand around you and arm themselves with guns to protect you from the people you want to disarm are at least following the laws. so they don’t get arrested and make a public spectacle of your hypocrisy.
The thing is, the hypocrisy is a feature for these people. They seek it, because it demonstrates how powerful they are. It's a status symbol: "I'm important enough that I need men with guns to protect me from you violent idiots. But you are too stupid to be trusted with guns, so we smart people have to take them away from you."

You can't shame them with it; they're not ashamed. Leftism is built on there being two sets of rules, one for the people in power and another for the proletariat. The whole point of being a leftist is to be on the side that gets the good stuff, of being in charge and getting to say, "Okay, those people all starve to death this year." The whole point of all of it is to be the one wearing the human-face-stompin' boots; to get there, they espouse helping everyone live a better life. Leftism starts with hypocrisy; why expect there to be an end to it somewhere in the middle?

* * *

I doubt it. What will happen is, the same people will switch from "human emissions are causing global warming!" to "human emissions are causing global cooling!" exactly the same way they switched in the opposite direction sometime around 1988. The alarmism will remain and continue, because climatologists need Porsches, too.

* * *

Man, so much to do today, and I've already overslept and spent too much time here. I need to get moving.

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