atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6236: Off we go!

Got home later than I cared to and I need to start work on the living room. Short shrift!

* * *

100 MB download speed for $13 a month. Because Poland doesn't have the FCC and it doesn't have "net neutrality" either.

* * *

How about 256 GB on a single DIMM? Do you like that? Want a terabyte of memory for your next motherboard?

It'll cost you, but not for long.

* * *

Anyone under the age of 60 today will never receive anything from Social Security. It's broke, and it's getting broker by the minute.

* * *

Your racist policies are why enrollment is down at your little clown college.

* * *

Work today--well, let's just say it's a relief to get home and do some physical labor. Geez, never thought I'd say that....

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