atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6237: Ceiling

So, the ceiling is spackled, and the woodwork is about 1/3 masked; I got all the way from the hall door to the NE side of the fireplace. Ceiling spackle must dry; Tuesday night I'll sand it down and paint it. While the ceiling is drying Tuesday night, I'll finish prepping the walls; then Wednesday is the ball-buster, where I paint them.

Had to go to Menards to pick up spackle, because--I never knew this--spackle can get moldy. I thought it would just harden if it wasn't sealed right. Well, I had it sealed right; this stuff was almost usable, but for the mold. *sigh* Sadly, Menards only had one brand of vinyl spackle, Red Devil, and it is shit. Pity Ace isn't open until 10 like Menards, because the Ace spackle is really good. And cheaper.

I have maybe a third of a gallon of Ultra White left, so I'm going to have to go to Menards again tomorrow and buy it. Probably two gallons, because that's a big ceiling.

But! Despite my unexpected side trip, I managed to get tonight's critical work done before my self-imposed deadline of midnight, since that's bedtime.

Feel pretty dang good about myself. I even managed to move the piano by myself--though I only moved it one of its own lengths, so it wasn't blocking a wall.

We're considering doing wood or laminate flooring in the dining room, and then carpeting the living room. Alternately--because the living room floor is gorgeous hardwood, under the carpet--I keep thinking maybe we ought to just get some nice area rugs for the living room and do the dining room in carpet. I don't know. It's Mrs. Fungus' decision, anyway; my job is just to make things happen. Heh.

Well--a few minutes left, and I can do a little bit of housekeeping in WoW.

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