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#6238: I've got paint!

Got ceiling paint on my way home from work. Once I've finished my post-dinner routine, I'm going to get started. Time to bust out the orbital sander!

* * *

So, the big summit between Trump and the dictator of North Korea happened.

Feels good to be optimistic about American foreign policy again, doesn't it? It's an amazing development, and there just isn't any way for Democrats to turn this into a bad thing.

But boy, they are trying to. They can't let Trump have any obvious and clean win, let alone a win that eluded the last eight presidential administrations.

Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower...make that the last ELEVEN! administrations!

...because if Trump can accomplish peace with North Korea, it means he's actually a good President, and we can't have that. He's supposed to be a feckless idiot.

Sorry, guys. Still not tired of winning.

* * *

I think OJ Simpson should consider this woman a suspect in the murder of Nicole Brown. He pledged to find the "real murderer", remember? Well, in England, this woman was cited by police for feeding a neighbor's cat.

The same police who arrest people for public speaking and who don't arrest actual criminals.

* * *

Speaking of cats, cats keep the rodent population in check which is why humans domesticated them in the first place.

* * *

This is a very interesting idea. The idea that Stalin manipulated Hitler into attacking Poland puts an entirely different complexion on WW2.

There's no question that Stalin was smart--dumbasses don't end up in charge of an operation like the USSR--and there's also no question that he wasn't evil enough to consider the civilian population of Poland an expendable resource; hell, he treated his own people that way. What's a few million dead Poles against the conquest of the entirety of Europe?

And if he'd managed that, the US would naturally have been next. That would have been a frightful war; all else being equal the use of nukes wouldn't be off the table.

* * *

And in the wake of socialism come the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Always-always. It cannot be otherwise.

But polio? Seriously? We're so close to eradicating that shit from the face of the Earth, too!

* * *

You know that baker who won his case before the Supreme Court? Little-reported fact: "That gay couple drove 120 miles past 67 secular owned bakeries,..."

If you need to drive for two hours to find a bakery which won't serve you, specifically so you can sue them, not only are you not oppressed, but you're also a raging dickhead.

That's what homosexual activists do, though. Most people are reasonably tolerant of them, so they must seek out and make a huge deal of the minority cases. They deliberately make this trouble because tolerance is not what they want. They want to take away everyone's right to freedom of association so that everyone can be forced to accept them regardless of circumstance.

The same way male-to-female transsexuals want to force straight men to have sex with them.

* * *

Incidentally, did you hear about this? The story goes that the assistant attorney general threatened to subpoena the email and phone records of members of Congress who wanted information on the origins of the probe into the Trump campaign.

That bitch needs to be fired soonest. That action just screams "obstruction of justice", particularly considering that Congress has oversight on the activities of the Justice Department. Okay, that's kind of like Marcia Clark investigating Judge Ito and the jurors while OJ Simpson was on trial.

(That's two references to OJ Simpson's murder trial in one blog post. What's wrong with me today?)

But you know--as long as the anti-Trump asshats keep overplaying their hands like this, nothing's going to come of this horseshit except the continued exposure of just how corrupt and rotten the D.C. establishment is.

* * *

Man, I've got to get moving. No time like the present, I suppose.

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