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#6241: Suddenly it was 8:30....

After the contractor left, I went to bed because I simply could not keep my eyes open. And I slept for five hours. Next thing I knew it was getting dark.

Chatted with Mrs. Fungus for a bit, then decided on getting a pizza. Little Caesar's would do; they were getting close to closing time but when I went there I saw that they were still open. Good!

...door locked. Drive-through only.

The problem with Little Caesar's--at least, this one--is that a lot of people around here are lazy dickheads who don't give a rat's ass about other people, so you'll see a line of cars there. Car at window got there five, ten minutes ago and ordered a fresh pizza, and of course they have no way to deal with that other than to have the car sit there at the window while their pizza bakes, which means he'll be there at least another five minutes.

Next car in line, same thing.

Because theirs is a "fast food" paradigm, it take them less time to cook a fresh pizza than a regular pizzaria would, but it's still a long frigging wait. You seldom see someone drive up to the window, get a pizza, and drive away in less than fifteen minutes.


I don't go there to order a custom pizza; if I do, I go in because I understand that the basic concept of a drive-through is to get your food quickly and not wait in line for the better part of an hour. Also, I have some consideration for other people.

So there I was, sitting in line; and after a few moments I did the math. It was 9:30, and there were three cars ahead of me. Assume the lead car is under five minutes from getting his pizza. Car #2 will probably special-order something, and--optimistically--that'll be 9:45 before he's done. Car #3 will make it 9:55. So when I get to the window at 9:55--five minutes before closing--what is the schmuck at that window going to tell me?

Gave up and went to Culver's.

* * *

Every time you masturbate, God the USDA kills a kitten.

I agree with Denninger: this isn't cancer; it's toxoplasmosis, an easily treatable parasitic infection. Run your tests, but then cure the cats and adopt them out, you assholes. The research you are doing does not require sacrificing the animal, so why do it? Other than "hey, it's easier"? Shitheads.

* * *

Wishful thinking, maybe. I love Sarah Sanders. I love anyone who puts the press in their place.

* * *

Well--that living room ain't gonna prepare itself. Off I go.
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