atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,


Oh cripes, did I need it.

Instructions say "let caulk cure for 24 hours before using shower." Installer said, "Better off letting it cure for at least 32 hours."

I was going to put the replacement cartridge in the master bath shower, move the cat box out (temporarily) and have a shower there--but then I figured, how much more is silicone caulk going to cure in an hour, after it's been curing for 31?

So I took a shower. It was glorious. All my worries about the new faucet have been dismissed; it's one of those "single force" kind like you find in hotels. But it works fine. Shower head had that flow restrictor thing in it, so it wasn't very powerful, but we have another shower head we're going to install, and this was okay for now.

Then I tried to wet my head, and the water couldn't even get to my scalp.

No. NO. If this was no good for me, it definitely wasn't going to suit my wife.

I paused my shower and acquired tools and popped the flow restrictor out; once the shower head was installed I cranked it back up and BLAST there was plenty of pressure and flow now!

The temperature control is finicky; a nudge on the old faucet that would have cooled it by perhaps five degrees, on this one, turned comfortably cool water to OMG FREEZING in a heartbeat.

I've been working on the living and dining rooms since Tuesday night. Tonight I got the dining room walls painted; then I went to get the pizza I couldn't have last night. Once I'd eaten some, I put a second coat on the dining room and started working on the living room. The living room has now had all the edging done, and when I get home tomorrow night I can bust out the roller and finish the job.

My one real complaint with Little Caeser's is that they put all the toppings on top of the cheese. That's okay with pepperoni, but sausage etc should be under it. Otherwise, everything just slides off.

But I needed that shower, because I last showered Tuesday morning. The guy showed up too early for me to get a shower, and after he was finished there was the restriction on not using it; last night I had a sponge bath, which helped only by degree.

Everything hurts, though. I'm going to bed soon.

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