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#6245: Epic nothing

Work today was the slowest Saturday I've worked. Two calls--one inbound, one outbound--and five e-mails, three of which were in the wrong slot and got forwarded.

Real work consumed perhaps fifteen minutes all told.

To make things even more entertaining, it was hot in there--perhaps 80--because weekend. *sigh*

Well, I lived.

* * *

Yes, this:
All of this is very bad. The American people, who probably haven't followed this the way they did the Watergate investigation simply because of the diversity of media coverage available today compared to the mid-1970s, still get it — the in-crowd in Washington didn't want Trump to win and were willing to break the law and screw the Constitution in order to make Clinton president and yet were too pathetically incompetent to make that happen despite all of the resources of the federal government at their disposal. That's reflected in polling which indicates the folks are less and less impressed with the Mueller investigation — which is the bastard child of the FBI's 2016 bias.

Simple fact is that it's obvious what's going on, and what was going on, and the longer it takes for the leftists to quietly retire this horseshit, the worse for them it will be.

Related: "Ignore that Trump is an effect, not a cause. Keep focusing on him, Democrats. It's not eight years of over the top leftie policies, nope, no way, nada, no no no." That's the thing the left seems to be missing: Trump isn't President now because he used some underhanded alien mind-meld to get votes. It's not Russia or election tampering.

It's you and your policies. It's Obamacare and Benghazi and the Iran nuke deal and snubbing our allies and the Obama Apology Tour and all the other horseshit you shoved down our throats for eight long years. It's EPA and OSHA and EEOC. It's welfare and teachers' unions and high taxes.

Trump is an effect. If Trump is somehow removed from power, you can expect the next guy to be even worse (in your eyes) than Trump. I mean, Trump is a moderate; his politics approximate those of John F. Kennedy. We've never had--or at least have not had in a very long time--a President who was more nationalist, more right wing than Ronald Reagan was; Trump is a good first-order approximation and has a flair for getting things done. But someone who was more of a hard-line right-winger than Reagan--I'm not sure who that would be, but his politics would set leftists' hair on fire.

He's who they'd get if they ousted Trump. Not right away--right away they'd get Pence--but come 2020 there'd be someone running who'd make Trump look like Mikhail Gorbachev.

* * *

Couple of pics:

Robert DeNiro is a putz. I laughed at this one.

Welfare should not be a check; it should be stuff delivered to the needy. I agree that the poor and unfortunate should be helped; I do not agree they should be able to eat steak and buy the latest iPhone and 30" rims for the hoopty. Take the money out of it; give them basic foods that will keep them alive and healthy but which have next to no resale value.

* * *

Well, that's $40 million down the tubes. The gist: you spin a projectile around in a circle until it has a tangential velocity of 5,000 miles an hour; then you let it go at just the right time and it heads for space. Once it reaches its apogee, it lights engines and puts itself in orbit.

Problem 1: how big is this "circle"? It'd have to be pretty big, because otherwise centrifugal force will pulverize your payload. I mean "miles in diameter" big. Not cheap.

Problem 2: how do you keep the projectile in this "circle"? If it's on a trolley, at 5,000 miles an hour--forget it. Magnetic levitation is probably the only way. Someone remind me who's done the research on magnetically levitating supersonic projectiles? At least enough to make this practical?

Problem 3: the projectile has to be built rugged enough to withstand the centrifugal force of the launcher; how will this affect the payload capacity?

Problem 4: your payload can't be all that delicate, either.

Not expecting to see a lot from this one, let me tell you.

* * *

I'll tell you, I'm beat. A day of trying to look busy--and the cats kept waking me up last night.

Still need to handle the living room. Maybe get some of that done tomorrow...I hope.

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