atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6246: A screw, and screwed-up stuff

Pulled that right-front tire off and had another gander at it. About 90° around the circumference, another piece of metal embedded in the tread. Had a lot of trouble pulling it out; I actually had to stick an awl down in the hole alongside it and pry up to get any of it above the tread. That turned out to be because it was part of a screw, about the same length as the chunk of nail I pulled out last week.

Plug-patched it and stuck it back on. We'll see how we do.

* * *

So: niece Courtney pings me last night that she's watching Sailor Moon on Hulu. (Somewhere around here I have video of her dancing along during the transformation sequence. She was 3. She wants it to be played at her wedding "in ten years", she says.)

Today, having Hulu up anyway, I check it out just for the auld lang syne.

To my surprise it's not the horrifying DIC Entertainment version, because they're using the Japanese OP with subtitles, but it's a dub, all right.

A Viz dub.


DIC hacked the hell out of the story, but at least they got good voices for the dub. This version leaves the story intact, but the voices are (as is typical for Viz) HORRIBLE.

Anything Viz dubbed (other than Ranma 1/2, and even that after about season 3) was pretty bad. I'm not sure what changed; they used to be really good at it, but then they got Pokemon and everything went to hell.

Well, the Viz version of Sailor Moon was not much better. And Luna should sound like an old lady, not a 25-year-old!


You really can't go home again, I guess.

* * *

Today was, otherwise, a total loss. Mrs. Fungus and I slept until 3; I was up for a while but then went back to bed around 6 and slept for another couple of hours.

Well, what the hell; that was the first time I'd had a down day, where I did nothing major, for at least a week. I purposely waited until the sun went down to do the work on the truck tire, and to remove a loose heat shield from her car, because it was punishing hot outside today.

And there is nothing like laying in a blissfully cool bed on a hot summer day.

I am still going to have to get the living room painted, and the grass desperately needs to be cut, and I have all the work left in the bathroom to do. *sigh*

We'll get there.

Now that we have nice shiny chrome fixtures in the bathtub surround, I've decided that the drain basket and the overflow cover need to be nice and shiny chrome, too. Looking it up on-line I've found that it's not too difficult; it just requires a tool I don't have. So I expect to do that this week, along with everything else.

And if I can ever get a spare moment, Buttercup needs a tune-up....

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