atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#624: Wow, that's fast.

...the south side of the house, the north side of the "west wing" are done. The west wall of the "west wing" is nearly finished. The porch is in progress.

The entire back of the house is yet to be started, although some insulating foam has been put up here and there.

Of course it's a work night for me and I can't sleep through all the hammering. Argh etc.

What interests me is that they even use hammers, though. I mean, the roofing guys use nailguns, which are easier, faster, and quieter than regular hammers. Put the head where you want the nail, pull the trigger, PFFT! you're ready for the next one.

Granted, nail guns require a compressor, air hoses, etc. These guys are speaking Russian or Polish or some crotobaltislavonic language. I get the idea they're a subcontractor for Sears (through whom we're having this done) and a couple bags of hammers are cheaper than all the BS you need for pneumatic tools and the tools themselves, particularly when it comes to buy professional-grade tools.

I'm not kidding; when you're using a tool to make money you don't go to Harbor Freight for it--you go to Mac or Snap-On, or you at least go find the professional-grade tools at hardware stores. You can get a pneumatic nail gun for about $80 at Harbor Freight but you'll need three of them to ensure you've got one that will work all day long at a site--so it's simpler just to buy one high-quality tool that you know will work all day, every day, without breaking. And the same thing goes for the compressor; a contractor-grade compressor is not an inexpensive item.

Hammers, on the other hand, are cheap and have no internal components. They either work, or they don't work, and if they don't work it's obvious why. And you can buy a lot of them for the price of one good air tool.

However, when it's your "night before work" and you'd like to be able to sleep, such logic is hard to come by. At least they're almost done with this side of the house, and then I should be able to grab a couple hours' sleep, anyway, before I have to get up for work.

And ear plugs only help a little when there's some guy hitting the wall with a hammer. It makes for a rather large bass drum, thud thud thud thud thud! and it makes sleep impossible. *sigh*

The house looks good though.

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