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#6248: Sometimes I don't see any other options

I am, by my nature, an optimist. I have faith in the future; today I was reminded of a scene from one of Jerry Pournelle's stories (I think it was Pournelle) where the main character sees a car idling and yells at the driver for being an energy hog--a story written during the 1970s when we were all going to die or be eaten or some horseshit like that. I was thinking that the Malthusian nightmare SF predicted was wrong, because 40 years later there's more oil available than ever, and modern cars (ie anything built after 1990) is so clean there's no comparison to what vehicles were like when that story was written. Our air and water are cleaner today than they've been in sixty years, thanks to the advancement of technology.

Yet if you'd written that story in the 1970s, publishers would have rejected it as too optimistic.

Today we see more of the same, and that just makes me want to write more optimistic stories. (So what's my current project? Oh, the end of civilization, that's all....)

But I suppose that's because sometimes things just seem to be irreparably shitty.

The bill for Obamaland went up to $224 million. Understand this: it's not a Presidential library; Obama's documents won't be stored there. This is nothing but a political organization, essentially a think tank for leftist politics, which is why the Illinois government fell all over itself to, essentially, give Obama $224 million to build the place.
The public has been bamboozled. To see why, you should first understand what's nicely laid out in the federal lawsuit filed last month by Protect Our Parks, a not-for-profit.

That lawsuit is focused mostly on how the transfer of parkland for the center to the Obama Foundation trampled state law. The case looks strong. The complaint is in plain English and straightforward so you can read it yourself. Jackson Park is among the finest parks in Chicago and beautiful by any city's standards. Some of it is being taken for the center with no compensation.

To get the parkland transfer properly authorized, Springfield amended the state's Museum Act to cover the center, which the complaint describes. That's how authorization for additional property taxes also resulted because the Museum Act provides for that. See paragraph 119 of the complaint.

That tax money forms the basis of a First Amendment claim, which is also in the complaint. The First Amendment not only protects free speech, but has also frequently been used to strike down "compelled speech." Using taxpayer money for political purposes can be challenged as compelled speech. (Coincidentally, compelled speech is also central to the Janus case on forced public union membership, an important decision on which will come this month.)
By calling the place a "museum", they can have this edifice to socialism constructed and force the taxpayers to pay for it.

The $224 million by itself is money Illinois does not have.

What it amounts to is powerful Democrats doing whatever the fuck they want to, because they can.

* * *

Democrats didn't care about illegal alien minors when Obama was in office. They care now, though.

They have to go back. All of them. If you're here illegally, you get deported, period. If you have an anchor baby, you can either leave him here for adoption or take him with you, but if you take him with his American citizenship is revoked. Period.

Oh, and incidentally, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama can just STFU.

* * *

Related: Democrats prevent fixing the law so they can demagogue the issue which is what they always do.

It's the law, so if you don't like it, fix the law--but if the law gets fixed, Democrats lose a political weapon. Especially they do not want a Republican to fix the law. It's much easier just to pass the law and leave it on the books and then otherwise ignore it, because that whole "rule of law" thing only applies to the proles.

* * *

...while there is still zero evidence that Trump "colluded" with Russian, Strzok's expulsion from the FBI building is sufficient proof that the FBI was engaged in what effectively amounts to collusion, if not conspiracy, against a democratically elected US president.

* * *

What in the hell is going on with Tesla? They built an assembly line under a tent, but that report makes it look like a Potemkin Factory.

* * *

I take exception to this. "Nearly Half Of All Millennials Know Someone Affected By Opiates," the headline screeches, but thanks to the "seven degress of separation" thing that's really not that hard to manage.

Look: they did experiments, giving a package to someone and asking him to get it to a complete stranger. The idea was to record the number of hops required to get from source to destination. Turned out that it typically took less than four hops, even when the sender and receiver were on opposite sides of the country. We're all connected, so it would probably be more surprising if "half of all millennials" did not know someone "affected by opiates".

I mean, that phrase "affected by", that covers an awful lot of ground. Did your cousin's brother's best friend's Dad go into detox for opiates? Congratulations! Your cousin's brother's best friend is "affected by opiates"! Because you know who he is, you know someone who's "affected by opiates!"


* * *

NASA shouldn't be spending its money on developing a useless heavy-lift booster which will be obsolete before its first test flight. They ought to be spending their money on building payloads for commercial boosters. Satellites and space telescopes and interplanetary probes.

* * *

This is pretty much it. Trump was evil because he wouldn't talk to North Korea. Now he's evil because he did talk to North Korea.

You can't win, so don't play their game.

* * *

The ACLU was always a partisan leftist organization. They're just not hiding it any longer, is all. I was referring it to the "American Communist Liberals' Union" when I was in eighth grade, FFS.

* * *

Got home from work and just collapsed. Came within a hair's whisker of falling asleep on my way home.


Well, Wednesday off, and I do. Paint the living room, do some work in the bathroom, cut the grass--I've got a full plate. I hope to get most of it done, but we'll see.

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