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#6249: Why doesn't he just use the Hillary defense?

All he should have to do is make the same claims Hillary did about her private email server. know, as satire, this just isn't working as well as it sounded in my head. Never mind.

* * *

What he says with irony, I say with conviction. There ought to be a minefield at the US/Mexico border with big signs--in English and Spanish--that say "if you cross this line YOU WILL DIE". Put big fences on either side of the minefield and put those signs on them. Electrify the fences so that it hurts to touch them. Put 15-foot-deep concrete trenches in front of the fences, so there's essentially a 15' concrete wall and then another 15' electric hurty fence right above it, and on the other side of that fence, mines.

Anyone who walks into the minefield--too bad, so sad, but you were warned, and you went to a great deal of trouble to get there anyway. Label each case "suicide" and move on.

* * *

I call this one "a good start". God bless John Bolton!

The UN's "Human Rights Council" is a joke, anyway, considering who's on it and what policies they advocate.

That sums it up nicely.

* * *

So, Little Hitler is going after Laura Ingraham again. This time it's because of the current foo-raw regarding the immigration policy put into place by Bush and totally ignored by the entire Democrat-Media Complex during the Obama administration.

Yesterday I got a call from some shithead who followed his marching orders and complained about "kids being put in cages" and I, like a good call center employee, did not tell the asshat that he was a feckless dolt who can't think for himself and who ought to get his facts straight before bugging me with his leftist talking points bullshit, but instead read the official statement. As a bonus, I did not point out that he was getting his marching orders from a teenage piss-head, but wished him a good day.

These people are fucking idiots.

* * *

Wind power is unicorn flatus.

* * *

The left calls this "progress".

The basic plan is pretty simple:
1) Let criminals out of jail.
2) Make guns as difficult to obtain legally as possible (ban if you can)
3) Say "tut, tut" about the skyrocketing crime rate (you, of course, are safe, thanks to armed guards)
4) Repeat stages 2-4 several times until condition in 5 is met
5) Citizens desperate for safety are willing to give up civil rights
6) You get total control
At this stage of the game, a high crime rate helps the left. When you're trying to get the people to cede their rights so that you can rule over them with an iron fist, anything goes. You only need to have that vote one time; after that, you're in charge, and if the proles know what's good for them, they'll vote that way again approximately forever.

This rising crime rate is not a bug; it's a feature. The idea is to make everything as shitty as possible and on purpose so that you can get enough citizens to vote to give you the power you crave. After all, you personally aren't going to be mugged or confronted by an insane, drug-addled bum. You have a security detail for that.

And all those proles that get mugged, raped, beaten, etc? Eh. "Eggs, omelettes", you know.

* * *

Trump lays it out for Republicans.
The Democrats won't help. We all know that. They think this is good for them. We'll see about that. But doing something, working together, isn't that why you're here? It should be. And if you don't do that and November doesn’t work out for you then I'm sorry but you shouldn't be here. Go do nothing somewhere else. You bring me something [a bill] that makes sense and I'll sign it. It's so simple. It should be. But it has to make sense. It has to be good for the American people. This isn't rocket science folks. It really isn't. Figure it out.


* * *

The [Officer of the Deck] was named Sarah, and the Tactical Action Officer was named Natalie, and they weren't speaking to each other!!! The Tactical Action Officer would normally be in near constant communication with the OOD, but there is no record of any communication between them that entire shift!
Further, the damage control officer was also female, and she ran everything by remote control rather than lift a finger herself. this ship ran into another ship and seven people died because two bitches had a tiff, and were so petty they couldn't put that aside and do their motherfucking jobs?

* * *

And they're all gonna suck, too. Potential new Star Trek series in the works, safe bet that none of 'em will be worth watching.

* * *

Well, I have lots to do today, so I guess I ought to get after it.

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