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#6250: Don't go there. Just don't. You won't like the result.

Ace has a story about Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security being chased out of a Mexican restaurant by antifa goons, and one of the goons turns out to be an employee of the Justice Department.

That person needs to be fired soonest. She seems to forget: she serves at the pleasure of the President; he can fire her at any time for any reason. Openly attacking a member of the President's cabinet is reason enough, I think.

Within the last two days, the anti-Trump Resistance has endorsed the brutal murder of ICE agents, the stalking of their children, the public mobbing of a DHS official, and the doxxing of White House officials. And also they're very worried about civility and norms you guys.
Leftists don't seem to understand that the days of right-wingers just accepting their abuse and lawlessness are over. It used to be that the right wing could be relied upon to be decorous and to take the high road; but that time has passed, and now if you start punching us, we'll punch back twice as hard, to borrow a phrase from one of your people.

One of the things I want to see--and am simultaneously terrified that I'll actually get to see--is these people getting their comeuppance. Judge Lynch is always lingering in the wings, waiting for his cue, and the further these radical shitsticks go in their quest to overturn the expressed will of the people the more likely it is that bad things will start to happen.

They think they want open revolt; they don't realize that open revolt will be against the establishment, and they are the establishment and have been for decades.

Trump is a symptom.

* * *


Incidentally, Peter Fonda removes all doubt. And First Lady Melania Trump calls the Secret Service on his brain-fried ass.
The actor later apologized, saying in a statement later that he was distraught over children at the border separated from their families (though not so much when Obama did it), and that he "went too far."
I absolutely love the parenthetical statement there. Hilarious!

Also noteworthy:
To be clear:

Today an A-list Hollywood Democrat openly called for an adolescent child to be put into a rape cage with pedophiles [because] his family is conservative

Let that sink in
Another tweet asks if Peter Fonda will be treated the same as Roseanne Barr was. Ha! Don't hold your breath.

They think that saying these kinds of things, that this kind of behavior is okay. They're wrong, and it's about time they learned how wrong they are.


* * *

Ah! The living room is painted, and it's gorgeous. My arms hurt, but it's done; another couple of hours and I'll take down the masking. I need to replace the outlets and the switches, but that's later, and we'll be putting in new outlet covers to boot.

Next up is the bathroom. I've just about decided to replace that wall. Look: if they'd just painted the damned thing before putting up the wallpaper, I wouldn't be in this position. But instead, once the wall was taped and mudded they threw on a coat of sizing. And what is sizing? Why, it's a form of wallpaper paste, of course! Then up went the wallpaper, paper-on-paste-on-paste-on-wallboard. And because of that, the wallpaper has become one with the drywall surface.

If I spend about an hour per square foot, I can get the wallpaper off the sizing without doing too much damage to the surface--but tearing out the old drywall, putting in new, and taping it will take a lot less time and effort per square foot. And then I can prime and paint it correctly.

And vow never to have wallpaper in my house again. Shit.

* * *

But I've concluded it won't happen today. I need to get the grass cut.

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