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#6251: Like, wow.

Oh, merciful heavens, what a friggin' day.

Despite nearly every fiber of my being demanding that I give up this "get up and go to work" nonsense and return to bed like a sensible human being, I got up and went to work. Despite all the ass-dragging I was out of the driveway on time.

...and five miles up the road, traffic jam. On the road which sometimes goes slower than I like but almost never has an actual traffic jam on it. And by itself, that traffic jam absorbed the 15-minute cushion built into my commute, and then some.

So, of course, there was another traffic jam further up, where there usually is one, and it was bad too. Because it was raining.

Result: punched in an hour after my normal arrival time, forty-friggin'-five minutes late.

I proceeded to have an approximately normal day without too much stupidity in it, but the trip home more than made up for it. *sigh*

But I'm home now, at least.

* * *

HAAA HA HA HA the FBI agent who vowed to "stop" Trump from being President has lost his security clearance.

One down, but they are legion. Keep punching.

* * *

In a move that's sure to make Starbucks stock owners happy, they're going to close 150 stores next year. That's 3x the expected number. Life sucks when you're stupid and/or SJW-converged. (Wait, that's redundant.)

Another take. Heh.

* * *

Proving the correctness of my decades-old assessment of the ACLU, they're now wavering on standing up for the First Amendment. Whatever else you could say about the American Communist Liberals' Union, they were adamant that nothing should ever get in the way of the First Amendment.

Though they interpreted the religious freedom clause as "freedom from religion especially Christianity", and were metzo-metzo on freedom of association, they were always on point about freedom of expression. Overall, a net positive; the Founding Fathers put that first for a reason.

I mean, they used to help the Nazis get permits to hold rallies. Not because the Nazi message was any good, but because under the First Amendment they had the right to peaceably assemble and demonstrate, and the ACLU was trying to defend that right for everyone, and that included the reprehensible speech. By and large, the freedom of expression was seen as essential not just to liberty in general but to the leftist agenda, because they needed to "speak truth to power" and you can't do that if the establishment doesn't like what you're saying. Which is why, for every Nazi march they helped, they helped a baker's dozen of "oppressed" groups sue to be included in this or that traditional venue. (Like gays in Colombus Day parades.) The Nazi suits--while true to the spirit of the organization--acted as camouflage for what they really wanted to do.

Now, however, the left is the establishment.
...[T]he ACLU values its alliance with young fascistic "progressives" more than the ideal of the freedom of speech. Consequently, in order to not enrage the easily enraged, the ACLU is toying with the idea of no longer supporting unpopular speech, but instead only defending the speech of "progressives."
Meaning that instead of being covertly partisan, they will now pull off the masks and display their true colors for all to see.

"Freedom of expression" is no longer what they want, but "freedom of leftist expression", which is entirely a different ball of wax.

* * *

Oh my goodness.
Democrats are the problem. They don't care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13. They can't win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters!
I'm not used to hearing the President talk like that. Rush Limbaugh, sure, but the President?

Still not tired!

* * *

Nancy Pelosi is a crazy old bat.

* * *

I don't remember where I saw it, but someone pointed out that this whole "ZOMG MEXICAN BABIES IN CAGES" thing arose because the last thing the media wants is to have to report on Trump's success with North Korea.

Makes sense to me.

* * *

...and tomorrow is another one. *whimper*

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