atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#625: Oh, Jimmy!

Carter sez Cheney is a "disaster".

Carter is trying to build himself a legacy that doesn't include "that guy between Ford and Reagan, he sure sucked, didn't he?"

Carter clearly belongs to the Democrat camp which believes "George Bush is a moron and Dick Cheney is calling the shots".

Hey Jimmy! Yeah, you, peanut farmer! Cheney is the vice-president, he's not running for office, and at least this administration isn't presiding over:

  • double-digit inflation
  • a huge economic recession
  • an energy crisis, including gasoline shortages and rationing
  • doing basically nothing after an act of war was perpetrated against us
  • a botched covert rescue operation attempting to rectify the latter

Comments posted after that article pretty much hit the nail on the head: Carter doesn't have the right to say anything about how this administration has handled things, much less call it the "worst in history".

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