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#6255: Well, interesting.

So, Pale Moon (my browser of choice) abruptly decided to stop including "FireFox" in its identifying string. Pandora didn't like that and demanded that I switch to a "compatible" browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Me: It's a fork of FireFox you great pillock.


Anyway, set "compatibility mode" switch to "FireFox" and now it again reports that it's FireFox compatible and Pandora lets me listen to music again. Fine.

* * *

Living room carpet is 70% removed.

The living room, apparently, has had hardwood flooring since the house was built in 1965. I never knew that, considering that that room has been carpeted as long as I can remember. I mean, somewhere around here there is 8mm film showing me at Christmas of 1967 with my first teddy bear, sitting on carpeting in the living room.

Go figure: the living room, with its hardwood floor, was carpeted. The family room, with its asbestos tile floor, was not, and my parents had one of those spiral-wound rope/cable/whatev rugs in it. I don't understand it, except for "small children" (at the time the house was built, my brother was 3 and my late sister was 7, and my parents were planning on another kid).

We're talking about flooring. Our original plan was to carpet the living room and dining room. However, we're rethinking that; we might decide to leave the living room as hardwood and carpet the dining room. Or maybe something else.

But first we need to be sure the living room floor is servicable. Who knows? Dad may have had it carpeted because the builders utterly botched the install and half the boards are upside down or something. (Though he wouldn't have signed the papers if something was wrong.) Maybe someone spilled a quart of paint thinner, and it was cheaper to carpet than to refinish. I don't know what happened; until the past year I didn't even know there was hardwood under there!

With the amount I uncovered tonight, in a couple of hours, I don't see anything other than a couple of scuffs that I can probably buff out. And it goes well with the new color, to boot. There are exactly three problems with it that I can see, none of which is major.

1) Fireplace hearth is tile on concrete wallboard, so the wood trim around it will have to be replaced or modified so that it makes a nice transition to the floor. Heck, a 1/4 round piece would do it.

2) The patio door in the living room has a threshold that sticks up perhaps 1/4" above the floor. We'll need some kind of sill plate or something there.

3) The floor register by the patio door got mangled when a piano ran over it. We'll need to replace that.

It'd be nice if all I had to do was a little bit of woodworking, I can tell you that.

Saturday night Mrs. Fungus and I bought a few things, including new switches, outlets, and cover plates for same. I'll need to spend some time in there replacing them, but that won't take a lot of time. Probably work on that on Wednesday.

Besides the electrical stuff, I need to see what can be done about the rest of the ventiation system. Ideally, I'd like to replace all the registers in the house with brand new ones, but that may not be possible considering that things change and replacements of those exact dimensions may no longer be available.

If not, I might be able to have them stripped and powder-coated. Restore the bitches to like-new condition. But I'm not going to do that until and unless I've exhausted other possibilities. And anyway, some of them just need elbow grease to be 100% again. Clean 'em with a magic eraser and put 'em back in service.

The other thing I'll have to do Wednesday is go pick up drywall and start working on the bathroom....

* * *

So, one of my sisters had a record. It was a K-Tel compilation of hits called "FANTASTIC" On that record was a song I really, really liked.

Then my sisters had one of their epic fights and the record was broken.

The sleeve for it lingered around for many a year, but in the runup to my late sister's wedding (held in our back yard in 1982) it got thrown away.

I have done many a search for the K-Tel "Fantastic" series, and when I find them, I look at the track list and think, "No, that's not it!" My oldest sister had a stack of 45s and "Crocodile Rock" was one of them, and the song on this record wasn't anywhere else in the house. (And it was not "Hocus Pocus", FFS.)

And as usual, trying to figure it out, I go down a Googe-hole. Found "Superstars Greatest Hits", of which at least one disk is still floating around here (because I recorded "Cover of the Rolling Stone" from it in the 1990s).

Well, absent hypnotherapy or regressive time travel--neither of which appeals to me--I'll probably never really know which song it was from which record that I liked so much. Oh well.

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