atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6256: Quantum systems

On my way to work--perhaps inspired by too little sleep--I came to realize that humanity is a quantum system.

You can't predict what any one quantum will do (an individual human being) but when you get them together in large groups you can predict pretty accurately what certain subsets of them will do (statistics).

I thought I'd had a unique thought until I realized that actuarial science is predicated on that very fact. And it makes sense, given that the laws of physics we observe are essentially the actuarial result of quantum phenomena. (Eg you can't predict what one photon will do in a given situation, but you can predict what a percentage of a large group of photons will do.)

So, as big philosophical revelations go, it was a dud, but at least it kept me from losing my shit at being stuck in two traffic jams on my way to work.

* * *

Work--all the idiots were out today, in force. I finally went out of ready, locked my machine, and took a walk around the building to cool off. I hate stupid people. And most people are stupid.

* * *

Hey! New issues of KissXSis! I've only been waiting for that for fourteen months!

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