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#6257: Hope you enjoyed being an uncivil monkey.

The owner of the shithole who ran Sarah Sanders off had to resign her position in a volunteer organization. This is one of those cases where a shitlib let her emotions get the better of her, and patted herself on the back...for a couple of days, until the reality of the situation came to light.

* * *

The Democrat narrative is backfiring. After two weeks of this "Trump hates children" horseshit, their lead for November has shrunk to four points. And I have to wonder if these are the same kind of polls we saw during the Presidential campaign, that predicted a Hillary landslide.

But even if they are fudged, they're bad news for the left--and it's really not all that hard to figure out why...unless, that is, you're a Democrat.

* * *

Something else you will not hear from the mainstream media. Iranian protestors shouting "Death to Palestine."

Death to Palestine. Wow.

* * *

I was thinking, today, about something Rush Limbaugh always said. He said that when they are out of power, that is when leftists get craziest. And I saw that he was right; every time Republicans scored a victory, the Democrats lost their shit.

Trump's victor--the Democrats have let their masks slip, the media is showing its bias, and leftists are demostrating just how unhinged they really are. (Eg Peter Fonda wishing Trump's son would be kidnapped and put in a cage with pedophiles.)

A lot of this is nothing more than a temper tantrum, a bunch of overgrown children who can't accept that their side was beaten in a fair contest. The more insane they act, the more people they drive rightward.

You know how they say that "moderates are the key"? Well, you get Maxine Waters, Democrat, saying that the left has a God-given mandate to harass and bully anyone on the right, that makes moderates think twice about voting Democrat.

Keep it up. Keep marginalizing yourselves. Please.

* * *

So, this:

This guy, Mustie1, he does all kinds of videos where he tries to get old motors running. He works on Volkswagens, and I've found his videos to be entertaining and informative.

In this video, he gets an old Honda QA-50 running again.

Now, my brother has (had) a QA-50. He got it for Christmas in 1972; Dad bought it brand new from Seaway Honda for the princely sum of $200, and reportedly Mom and Dad had to stand guard on Christmas Eve. It was green, and he got the mini-bike and matching helmet; and somewhere around here there is 8mm film of him riding it around the back yard on Christmas Day which--that year--was snow-less, fortunately for him.

(The story.)

Years later--1980-ish--I decided I wanted to see if I could get it going, and so I got gaskets and rings and some other bits and pieces, and it ran, all right. Problem was, the shift mechanism on that thing is a nightmare. There's this forked thing that has to fit over another bit, but the forked thing is on the inside of a deeply dished cover, so you need to fit this piece on and slip the forks over a protrusion just so, and you have to do it blind. It's a bitch to get together correctly, and if you don't, it won't stay in gear. I gave up after that.

The thing languished again until I finally managed to get it out of my garage and into his; I don't know what happened to it after that. But besides his own bike, he got the complete engine I'd found in a junkyard for $10, so he ought to have all the parts he needs to get it running.

(Could not find the post where I exulted about getting the thing out of the garage. Oh well.)

But watching Mustie1 work on it--I am very familiar with that machine, and I'd done many of the things he did. When he said that he's not sure the carb can be repaired, I said, "Shoot, clean it out and it'll be fine. Those things are bulletproof." They really are.

...and sure enough, not only does he get it running, but he rides the thing. It sounds exactly as I remember, too.

The bike has a centrifugal clutch and a two-speed transmission. As I recall, you lift up to shift from neutral into first, and thence into second, and push down to downshift. It's not like regular motorcycles where 1st gear is down (from neutral) and subsequent gears are up.

Oh well.

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