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#6259: That one had to stand on its own.

When you get a good one going, you don't pollute it with other topics. That's something I learned in the last ten years. It's a party!

* * *

"We wouldn't be saying these things if you idiots hadn't elected Trump!" The left loves to play that game. I've never bought into it; it's a childish tactic and it doesn't matter who's trying it or what the stakes are. It's bullshit.

"Look what you made me do!" tries to shift the blame for a bad action onto another person. A terrorist will say, "These people are dead because you wouldn't give in to my demands." No, those people are dead because you killed them. Your willingness to kill innocent people is not my fault, and my unwillingness to give in to your demands does not make their deaths my fault.

The Democrats and leftists are saying these things because this is what they really think, not because Trump somehow forced them to do it. Trump is being "uncivil", which is why Peter Fonda wished Trump's son would be thrown into a cage with pedophiles. Right?

Simple fact is that the Democrats have always been like this.

Trump is not playing the old "heads we win, tails you lose" game, where the Republican must be 100% nice at all times regardless of what the Democrats say about him. Trump hits back, and if there is anything that Democrats do not like, it's when a right-winger uses their very own tactics and techniques against them. It's why the mere mention of Ann Coulter is enough to send a leftist into a frothing rage.

But the advantage here is that Trump merely says something "uncivil" and the leftists lose their shit completely, like prominent Democrat Maxine Waters telling people to harass members of the administration--all of which ultimately works to Trump's advantage.

Democrats didn't give a rat's ass about "civility" when George Bush was President:
Consider the "civility" shown by Democrats toward the eminently civil "compassionate conservative" President Bush.

Protesters regularly carried signs saying things like "Save Mother Earth, Kill Bush," "Hang Bush for War Crimes," "Bush=Satan," "Bush is the only Dope worth Shooting." They burned Bush and other administration officials in effigy countless times.

Jonathan Chait wrote a 3,600-word word piece for the New Republic in 2003 on "the case for Bush hatred." In it, he admitted that "I have friends who … describe his existence as a constant oppressive force in their daily psyche."

Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams gave a speech at a women's peace conference in Dallas in 2007 declaring that "right now, I could kill George Bush." The audience laughed, and she won praise for her "bravery."

Pollster Geoff Garin told The New York Times that Bush hatred was "as strong as anything I've experienced in 25 years now of polling."

The winning film at a 2006 Toronto film festival was a movie — Death of a President — that realistically depicted Bush's assassination.

The left regularly compared Bush to Hitler, just as they are now with Trump.

Playwright Harold Pinter said that "the Bush administration is the most dangerous force that has ever existed. It is more dangerous than Nazi Germany."

Harry Belafonte called Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world."
...but of course Bush didn't fight back. Like all good country club Republicans, Bush was "above" that.

I am glad Trump is Trump. I want a strong right-wing President, someone who isn't afraid to dish it out. Democrats have gotten a free pass for decades.

* * *

Like the recent GOP ad, it's time to stop pulling punches. Heh.

* * *

Good! Unions have had their day.

Love it, just love it!

* * *

Let me say it again: this is not 1968 and the people you leftists are harassing may be armed. Think twice before you initiate violence.

* * *

"NAZI NAZI NAZI" is all they have. One insult: "He's stupid!" One joke: "Hey, you know so-and-so? Isn't he stupid?" And one opposing political position: "He's a nazi!"

It's all they have.

* * *

When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Two calls to 911, and the only thing that stopped this creep was being ventilated. The cops didn't protect anyone; they just arrested the creep after he'd been shot a couple times.

* * *

"Nuclear winter" turns out to be a non-issue. Problem is, human activity--even global thermonuclear war--is pretty insignificant compared to nature.

When you realize that the one eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 ejected more sulfur aerosols into the atmosphere than all human activity ever, you start to understand the magnitude of the difference. We are not as mighty as we think we are.

Only a human being could be so arrogant.

* * *

Well, all the chores and errands for the day are done.

Last night I finished tearing up the carpeting in the living room, exposing the hardwood floor underneath. There is one spot where the floor is less than pristine; it's by the front window, exactly where the Christmas tree sits every year. Some sizable fraction of all the Christmases since the house was built featured a real Christmas tree, and real trees need water, and sometimes when filling the stand people spill water, or something happens to make the water slosh out of the stand, or some water leaks from the stand. However it happened, water got through the carpet to the wood, and so there is that one spot where the wood floor is a bit less nice than the rest of it.

But it's a nice floor nonetheless. Based on that, we've decided that we won't put down carpeting in there, but leave the hardwood exposed.

The living room needs curtains, and I still have to replace the outlets and switches (and clean and reinstall the registers) but we're calling that one done.


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