atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6262: No wonder our front windows are fogging up.

So, it's 11 PM-ish. Current outside temperature: 83°. Dewpoint: 78°.


The really aggravating thing is that even if the pool was set up, I couldn't use it, not with this damned walnut-sized dingleberry hanging off my butt and oozing blood. (If it wasn't for the "oozing blood" part it'd be fine. Cool water would probably feel good.)

...stepped outside to bring up the trash cans and it was like walking into a sauna.

As for me, a good long nap seems to have helped matters considerably. Thanks to the donut pillow we bought last night on our way home from the ER, I can sit at my computer now and do whatever I like with only minor discomfort. I can't sit in my rocking chair, with or without the pillow, but a chair with a less plush cushion seems okay.

We played some WoW together tonight, Mrs. Fungus and I.

I'm going to stay home Saturday, and I'm scheduled for a 4-hour day at work on Sunday; we'll see how that goes, given another day to rest and recuperate. Get a surgeon's opinion on Monday, and as I said if there's any way this thing can be excised I'm going for it. Granted that I am middle-aged, I am too young to be held back by something stupid like this.


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