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#6265: Hey!

Last night I got up to do something and realized I was walking normally. That was after I'd gone to work, walking slowly and carefully all day, and coming home.

The discomfort from sitting (albeit on the ring pillow) has lessened considerably after a night's sleep.

...and the thing is still the size of a walnut--maybe a little smaller--and still bleeding, too. But there's less pain, and I'll take it.

Tomorrow I need to work eight hours.

Today, I'm going to go see the surgeon, because I need this thing gone. I don't want to get too gross, here, but it's obstructing the "exit path" such that when I use the bathroom, cleaning up afterwards is a major chore--and with the thing still bleeding, I need to use soap and water to be sure, which means undressing completely, drawing a shallow bath, and washing up. And it hurts to do all that. (But it must be done. I don't even want to think about how bad it would be if there was an infection, and with it bleeding--yeah.)

* * *

Yeah, enjoy that. Canada slaps tariffs on certain goods the US exports there. Yeah, it's such a huge market, that'll really hit us where we live, o noes. *rolleyes*

* * *


United States Fair And Reciprocal Tariff Act--and politicians love acronyms; so it really would be the American FART Act.

I vote "troll".

* * *

I do have my doubts about the last one on the list, the one about reversing entropy. Trump's good, but he's not "violate the laws of thermodynamics" good.

* * *

Trump Derangement Syndrome in full swing as Democrat Senate candidate wants an investigation into Justice Kennedy's retirement. Reason: he thinks Trump blackmailed him into retiring, or something.

Because the leftist agenda has been advanced mainly through the courts, it is vulnerable to contrary rulings from those self-same courts. Roe v Wade, for example, can only be overturned by another Supreme Court ruling. And because (as Limbaugh says) abortion is the sacrament of leftism, they live in fear of that thing being overturned.

That's why the Mexican children got dropped like a hot potato as soon as Kennedy announced his retirement. Democrats know what's at stake, here, for the edifice of leftism they've hammered together over the last forty years. They're going to do everything they possibly can to stand in the way of Trump's nominee--and it's possible it will end up being detrimental to their election efforts.

So far the Democrat response to the Trump presidency has been to move left, rather than right; you'd expect them to move to the center (at least to pretend to) in order to capture more votes. Theory being that perhaps 30-40% of the people are committed to your side and you need sway moderates to win elections; that's why Clinton campaigned to the center but governed to the left. But they're not doing that; long-established members of the party are practically frothing at the mouth (like Maxine Waters) and others are losing primaries for not being left enough.

That gets you votes from your base. It does not get you votes from moderates.

What's more, there's a decided trend in how public opinion is moving. The populace is rejecting leftist narratives; they're not buying the nonsense shoveled by the press.

I don't know what it all means, exactly, but it sure is fun to watch.

* * *

That's fine, as far as it goes, but remember what happened to Trotsky. So Mexico elected a President who says that Mexico should flood the US border, and that US citizenship is a human right.

I'm just wondering--is he going to relax Mexico's immigration laws? I mean, there are people from central America who want to get into Mexico; will they still be jailed and deported immediately?

...expecting consistency from these idiots is a fool's game. Expect hypocrisy from them and you will never, never, ever be disappointed.

If this clown wants to make trouble, let him. Mexico needs the US a lot more than the US needs Mexico.

* * *

This is the time of year when stores stock fireworks. Here in the PDRI, they're generally sparklers, smoke bombs, snakes, and snap popper thingies. But Thursday night after leaving the ER (technically, Friday morning) we found ourselves at a Walmart in Indiana.

Mortars. Holy crap. In Walmart.

Oh, they had sparklers etc too, but off to the side, kind of embarassed. I regard mortars as the quintessential firework, being all about using one explosive charge to propel another explosive charge high into the air before it detonates. That's going right to the top of the whole danger-versus-fun curve.

And I find it kind of entertaining that there was very little in between--granted, I was in too much pain really to look, but I did not see a lot of fountains or other things, the kind of stuff you wouldn't mind letting a teenager set off.

*sigh* That's what freedom looks like, right there. Freedom is big things (speech, guns, association, religion) but it's also little things.

* * *

Well, off I go.

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