atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6269: Literally the worst

Driving home from work today. Yes, I had to work--all contractors must--and they managed to assign me the worst possible slot, too: 4:30p to 8:30p. So I leave at 8:30 on the dot, wanting to get home ASAP to partake in some fuse-lighting before it got too late.

Dark clouds to the south, though. And as I drove homeward, it clobbered over completely (I was driving under the clouds) and started to sprinkle.

Roughly halfway home, around 9-ish, that's when the rain really started. Still, not too bad, just bad enough that the wipers had to be on at normal speed and idiots were getting in the way.

Then, suddenly, I had clear road in front of me--I mean, no cars in sight ahead which simply does not happen on that road--and that's when the real rain hit.

Jeep hydroplaned a couple of times, bad enough that I felt it start to yaw, so I slowed down to 60, and then to 50 as it started just pounding rain.

From the last tollbooth to my exit, average speed was 45, wipers now on "emergency maximum". Get to my exit, and that road was going 35--which was fine considering that visibility was maybe 100 yards at best and even on emergency maximum the wipers could not keep the windshield clear. And so it went most of the way down.

By the time I got home it was down to normal rain.

So, that was the worst deluge I ever drove through, bar none. Ten miles of torrential downpour. Thrillsville.

Plus side, I'd bet that means the fireworks show we normally attend got rained out. Maybe we can go see them. Who knows?

ADDENDUM: Well, after checking their faceboob page, turns out they started the fireworks early tonight, to avoid the rain, and didn't bother to announce it on the faceboob page. No rain date. Oh well.

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