atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6270: A good step forward

An entire 8-hour shift without my special ass pillow and without using any lidocaine cream.

I can walk normally, I can sit normally. You wouldn't think I had a bulge approximately the size of two macadamia nuts between me buttocks. (And yes, it's shrunk.)

I am, however, still using "absorbent pads" in my underwear due to continued bleeding--but that too is vastly reduced over where it was not quite a week ago.

I'll take it.

* * *

So, douchebag snatches a MAGA hat off a kid's head and douses him with a drink. ("Petty theft" and "assault", right there, by the way.) Douchebag is a part-time bartender--or, rather, was, because his antics got posted on social media, and resulted in him being fired.

These are your rules, lefties. Enjoy them.

* * *

I would love to play an RPG with Larry Correia. Especially Gritty Cop Show.

* * *

Because shut up, that's why! is the best answer leftists have for such perfectly reasonable questions.

* * *

This, definitely.

* * *

The only failure here is that the Democrat machine was allowed to continue. Illinois' financial problems are the result of graft and corruption on a stunning scale. Once Chicago was allowed to take over running things--once Springfield became a rubber-stamp for Chicago's political machine--it was pretty much inevitable that the state would collapse into financial ruin.

It cannot be otherwise.

* * *

So it's cooled off outside thanks to more rain, but it's humid so I doubt we'll be going with outside air tonight. Tomorrow night, however, they're predicting a low of 54°, and that'll be dry air. We'll see how we do, of course.

Here's hoping that Sunday I can cut the grass and get the pool reset and filling.

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