atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#626: It's the seriousness of the charge!

If Henry Waxman (D-California) is indeed "investigating" Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, then that's a pretty serious situation.

These guys are private citizens. If a Representative is having his staff compile information on what they say on the air, that could be construed as government bringing political pressure against someone in an attempt to squelch his freedom of expression, particularly in light of this "background" statement from "a House leadership source":
"Limbaugh isn't the only one who needs to be made uncomfortable about what he says on the radio," says a House leadership source. "We don't have as big a megaphone as these guys, but this all political, and we'll do what we can to gain the advantage. If we can take them off their game for a while, it will help our folks out there on the campaign trail."
Limbaugh is right; Democrats--when they are accusing Republicans of perfidy--have said that "the seriousness of the charge" alone is sufficient to investigate and possibly indict, regardless of how good (or bad) the evidence is.

Well, there you have it: the charge is that Waxman is trying to find a way to shut down citizens engaged in a lawful business, to wit providing political commentary as part of an entertainment program on radio. That is a really serious charge, and I think there has to be an investigation.

Looks like we're going to need a case of "gander sauce" for this one.

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