atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6272: WTF

Damn it, I just get over the Hemorrhoid of Doom and my wife goes and buys a new sofa....

Another 8-hour day without the pillow or anasthetic, though I did use a little benedryl cream this morning. Otherwise, no problems.

Getting it home was the easy part. Surprisingly, it mostly fit into the back of the Jeep, with perhaps 30" hanging out the back; straps and rope kept it secure. Drove home without a problem.

Getting it into the house was the hard part, but I did it (with much sweating and cursing) and now it graces our living room.

Picture when I have time.

* * *

I laughed out loud when I read this. Because I said that what he did was assault and petty theft. And so the MAGA-hat-snatching ex-bartender has been arrested for his crimes.

I keep telling you leftists that you will not like the new rules.

* * *

We can't maintain our power lines, so we're shutting off your power to keep from starting any fires. California! Whee!

* * *

No cushion again today, and around 4-ish I took the absorbent pad out of my shorts because I was sick of it sticking to my ass. Very little blood on it, anyway.

* * *

All around us, WW3 takes place--people lighting off the fireworks they couldn't light Wednesday evening thanks to the monsoon--and we're sitting at our computers. Oh well.

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