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#6274: Keep it up so we get MOAR TRUMP plx

So, yesterday was the day that a local false priest and his coterie of machine tools shut down one of the major arteries leading into and out of Chicago, because guns.

Damn Ryan shut down by lawless mob demanding the usual list of Democrat talking points.
Thousands of protesters led by Father Michael Pfleger shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway on Saturday to demand "common sense gun laws, community resources, better schools, jobs and economic development."
So over at Second City Cop, the eponymous blogger points out that the Chief of Police is barred by various rules and regulations from taking part in a political demonstration, yet there he is, walking arm-in-arm with so-called Father Political Activist (who is, not to put too fine a point on it, actively breaking a law right then and there).

They want "common sense gun laws". Well, considering that there's a myriad of examples of how strict gun control laws fail to curtail gun violence, while free ownership of weapons does an excellent job of reducing violent crime, "common sense" would seem to dicatate Constitutional carry. It works every time it's tried.

"Community resources"--what does that mean? Chicago and Cook County share an extensive system of social services, some of which defy reason. For this, that community pays the highest taxes in the nation.

"Better schools". Ditto this; the Chicago Public School system spends an enormous amount per child. Perhaps if the teachers' union were not an integral part of the Democrat machine you could reform the schools so that they more efficiently use their exorbitant budget, but until you get past that roadblock it doesn't matter how much money you spend.

"Jobs and economic development"--and here we come to the real meat of the issue. Everything before that is pure politics, a demand by socialists for more tax revenue to waste, but this is something the people themselves could have an effect on if only they understood. Of course, the Democrat machine relies on keeping people on their plantation, and anything that allows the people to leave that plantation will allow them to leave the community.

First, jobs. You people don't want jobs. What you want is "show up somewhere when I feel like it, do as little as possible, and get paid a lot." If you wanted jobs you would be out working. How is it that an illegal alien who speaks no English can find work, but you cannot? There is work out there. Sometimes it will require that you do inconvenient things, like get up early (even when you don't want to) and travel for some time. You might have to ride a bus or a train (for more than one stop!) to get to work. You'll have to put in an 8-hour day and then come home and get ready for work tomorrow, and not go hang out at the corner drinking until 3 AM. Work, rinse, repeat, and you get a couple days off a week so enjoy them as much as you can while taking care of other tasks like cleaning your home or doing laundry.

But that's hard.

Second, "economic development". Do you know what happens to companies which try to do that for you?

So let's say "BigBox" wants to build a new store in your neighborhood. First, the company has to get permission from the city. They have to jump through a myriad of political and regulatory hoops just to get the store built and staffed; and once the store is operational, all kinds of asshats from your neighborhood come in and steal anything they can get away with stealing. Anything that's too firmly bolted down to steal gets vandalized. The store's prices must be higher to account for all these losses; and then you accuse them of being racists.

My point is, the ghetto isn't a cause, but an effect. It's the effect of a million little choices by the people living in them, people who will choose the easy path, the path of instant gratification, every time they have a choice. It's hard to work for a living; it's easy to collect a check from the government every month. It's hard to pay attention in school; it's easy to goof off and collect your utterly worthless diploma when you're 18.

You could pour the entire US federal budget into Chicago and the problems would remain. The problems are cultural, not economic.

And Pfleger organizing a march doesn't help anyone except Pfleger himself. He's not interested in anything other than his political agenda.

...and this is why you got Trump. So, yes, do keep it up....

* * *

How's that "renewable energy" working out for you? Voting for "green" energy just means there will be less of it available when you really need it.

* * *

Wonderduck will probably get mad at me again but when you line it all up, it really sounds to me as if the F-35 is the worst example of a government boondoggle short of the Space Shuttle.

* * *

Just one of many answers to nihilism. A huge international operation to rescue a gaggle of schoolboys trapped in a cave. If humans were really as bad as TV show writers think we are, we'd just be shrugging our shoulders and letting 'em die.

* * *

The lawn needs cutting. I have other tasks to do. *sigh*

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