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Filter pump that came with pool (which, according to manufacturer, is about a thousand gallons), is rated for 300 gallons per hour. Today Mrs. Fungus ordered a new one which is rated for 475, and uses bigger (and more common) filters, to boot.

That should help keep the water clean.

The pool filled last night--I shut the water off after the prior post--and it so happened to be a "bad water day" here in the Fungal Vale, such that the water is rusty as hell. Adding shock to the water did not help, but precipitated a lot of that rust right out, and it settled on the bottom. So now what I must do is to go periodically wade in the pool to stir up the rust, so the pump can filter it out.

Now--what I could do, theoretically, is to build some kind of vacuum assembly to connect to the little pump, and use that to pull the rust off the bottom and filter it out. I may just do that.

Not today, though.

* * *

Saw this and busted just about every gut God gave me. "A man who says he's a lesbian is a rapist!" screamed the lesbian as the cops hauled her away.

And: "The trans movement is...coercing lesbians to have sex with men. We firmly condemn this vicious form of anti-lesbianism disguised as progress."

Apparently the entire LGBTLTBBQBLTWTF movement is not on board with the whole "transgender" thing.

I find it hilarious that they're saying these things. A straight white man is a bigot for merely hinting that a man who's had the surgery isn't actually a woman. If you, straight white man, don't want to have sex with a man-to-woman transgender, it's because you are a bigot of the worst sort.

But is anyone saying that about these lesbians?

* * *

Those pensions will never be paid. They will be paid this year, and next year, and probably the year after--but they cannot all be paid for everyone, particularly not those who are just starting out in it. If you are a government employee in Illinois who started employment this year, were I you I wouldn't even bother contributing anything to that fund, because you will never, never, ever see so much as a dime back from it. Not now.

People who are due to retire after 20 years this year or next? You're golden, at least for the next few years. But if I were you I wouldn't count on that money being there much longer than that.

Illinois is broke, and they simply cannot raise taxes enough to pay those pensions. The Illinois machine overpromised and underfunded, and of course the rich Democrats who did it won't ever go hungry. And yet the union babies keep voting them in.
If the unions won't deal, Illinois should go ahead and freeze salaries, cut the subjects of collective bargaining, move to defined contribution plans, reduce headcounts and work with the feds on a form of state bankruptcy. With the constitution currently preventing any changes to pension benefits, those are the only levers taxpayers have to save this state from collapse.
That's just it: the Illinois Democrat party isn't interested in fixing the problem. Anything you want to do in this state, you have to get Mike Madigan's approval or it doesn't happen. Mike Madigan stood against Bruce Rauner when he tried to fix just some of this horseshit, and what happened? A deadlock that lasted so long the state nearly got drummed out of the Powerball pool!

So what will happen? Retirees will not get the money they were promised. Things will go to shit. Chicago will become Detroit. "Hail, Eldrad! King of Nothing."

* * *

Yes--like a stopped calendar app, Dick Durbin is right every once in a long while. Durbin is right that Democrats in the Senate must sacrifice their seats to vote down Trump's nominee. They must do so because if they don't stop Trump's nominee, a lot of their policy wins over the past fifty years are suddenly in mortal danger.

Democrats love to use the power of the bench to get their way. Roe v. Wade is the classic example of the Supreme Court legislating from the bench--essentially making shit up, claiming the Constitution is a "living, breathing document".

This is what comes to my mind when I hear that phrase:

Er, no.

...and the Constitution means what it says in black and white. Overturning Roe v. Wade would not automatically ban abortion; what it would do is to move the issue back to the states, where it belongs. The people could vote on whether or not they want it to be legal. California or New York is likely to keep it legal; who knows what Montana or Kansas might do?

But overturning Roe v. Wade would be a disaster for Democrats. It's one of their biggest victories, accomplished without having to convince the voting public of anything--accomplished, in fact, in spite of the expressed wishes of the public.

That's what they want; and that's why they're in such a full-blown panic over Justice Kennedy's retirement. If there's a constructionist majority on the Supreme Court, they can't get their way in spite of the wishes of the voters any longer.

And if they don't stop Trump's nominees, if Trump is allowed to appoint whoever he wants? Democrats lose more than one election. They lose their entire platform over the past half-century.

But the nice thing is that Trump has already demonstrated, time and again, that he's not playing the same game the Democrats are. It's like the old saw about arguing with an idiot: he drags you down to his level and beats you with experience. If you refuse to be dragged down to his level, though....

* * *

And just like in the 1980s, government cheese comes back. I honestly believe it's time to end all these f-ing subsidies. Let prices find their own level FFS.

* * *

Maxine Waters is, of course, a hypocrite. Does not live in the district she represents, and who could blame her? It's an unremediated shithole.

* * *


* * *

Now, this is interesting. Making ice--without refrigeration--when the local temperature never dips much below 40°.

* * *

Added some pages to AV today. Starting to pick up some steam again.

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