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#6278: I kind of figured.

90% of global plastic waste comes from Asia and Africa, not America. Most of it is from China.

Whenever someone trots out this kind of story, something that's a crisis and is somehow entirely America's fault, I disbelieve it. It's the default position for any environmental horror story, and time and again it's been proven wrong.

Simply stop plastics being dumped into the Ganges and the Yangtze, and you'll stop a million tons of plastic pollution per year.

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Related: time and again we hear about the "garbage patch" in the Pacific ocean, a place where trash collects due to winds and currents, making this huge raft of trash just floating atop the water, and we're scolded about how messy and un-ecological humans are.

Then someone asked a particularly apt question:


If there's actually a huge raft of crap out there, why hasn't anyone got any pictures of it? Satellite imagery or something showing the refuse polluting such a vast area?

I did a search for them. What I find is mostly pictures of beaches that have trash on them; otherwise there are pictures attached to articles about the garbage patch which are supposed to be illustrative of the problem, but are not captioned to explain where/when/how the picture was taken.

Others, it's obvious from the context that it's not the garbage patch, but an image of coastal pollution. (Like the picture of a boy in a narrow, shallow boat looking at the film of trash on the water--that's not an ocean-going boat.)

Where is the picture, taken from an airplane, showing the huge swath of trash floating atop the waves?

One article said this:
Though the garbage patch is hard to see and measure, it is believed to be anywhere from several hundred to several thousand miles wide. Depth is another concern.

Scuba divers armed with dive knives, have explored some of the area in order to ascertain its size. Alarmingly, it has been reported that below the surface the patch could be as much as 100 feet deep. This doesn’t include the particles that sink all the way to the ocean floor.
Oh, it's "hard to see and measure"! How convenient! Yet divers have no trouble finding places where the trash is a hundred feet deep?

I am skeptical.

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The dose makes the poison.

* * *

"If she went to med school, she would have probably left a chain smoker." Haa! Ha!

* * *

Saw a car the other day--some variant of the Porsche 911--on the highway with English plates. And it was left-hand drive to boot. WTF?

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