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#6279: "Would you put the towels in the dryer?"

*sigh* response to my wife's request I went downstairs to put the towels in the dryer. The stuff I'd washed Tuesday night (mostly the shirts I wear when doing dirty jobs, my "grunge" shirts I call them) was in the dryer, still wet.

Me: WTF, did I not turn the dryer on after loading it?

Closed the door, turned the dryer on...and the sound was wrong. The motor was running, but the drum wasn't turning.

Me: [unprintable]

Went upstairs for tools and told my wife what was wrong, then went back downstairs to diagnose the problem. I was thinking "belt" and I wanted to get to the hardware store for a new one before they closed, so I was in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't look up "how to replace dryer belt" on-line before starting.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to start disassembly. With the top popped off, I almost immediately saw the problem--and it was indeed a broken belt--but my heart sank as I realized the hardware store would not have the belt I needed.

The belt for a dryer goes around the entire drum. Apparently they measure them by circumference, and this belt-turned-strap measured about 93" long. (I measured the diameter, but forgot it.) It's not a v-belt but a small ribbed serpentine belt, about 3/8" wide and perhaps 3/32" thick.

So, did a search on-line for belts. Hey, Lowe's has one on their web site that might wor--oh, "deliver to store"; that's no f-ing good.

Went through the major hardware chains with no luck; then remembered a place Og put me on to. Called them; they had it in stock, and their store was an hour from closing, so I hopped in the Jeep immediately and ran out that way.

That trip out and back took me more than an hour thanks to traffic and idiots (and a stop at Popeye's to pick up dinner) but it was successful, and after scarfing down some wings and cajun fries I returned to my task.

The belt must be slipped around the drum from the front, and once it's more-or-less in place, there's a panel in back which must be removed to retract the idler arm and slip the belt over the motor shaft pulley. But that went fairly easily, to my surprise.

The back of the drum has some kind of bearing I didn't bother to suss out, but the front of the drum is supported by a felt (or something) ring mounted to the front panel. I thought that was interesting, but then again it's a very low speed rotation, something like 15 or 20 RPM. It seems as if some kind of roller assembly would require less power to rotate. But the design works, and is fairly durable, and costs a lot less to build than roller bearings would. A case where "good enough" is good enough.

It literally took me longer to go get the part than it did both to diagnose and fix the problem. And the belt was $12 with tax.

Celebrated by taking a dip in the pool.

The pool is coming along. I adjusted the chemistry further today, and by the time I was done with the dryer, a test strip came back with pretty reasonable chemistry. The pH was in the middle of the range, where we want it; chlorine was off the chart high but that makes sense given how much shock I put into it in an attempt to get the water to clarify, and that'll drop pretty quickly as the remaining dissolved solids combine with it and get filtered out. Give that a day or two. Everything else was also good.

The water is still a bit cloudy. The new pump and filter arrived today, and I wasted no time installing it; if it doesn't clear up by Friday I'm going to get some flocculent to further clarify the water.

But I have gone swimming in worse water. There's enough free chlorine in there that I am not worried about bacteria or anything, and my swim trunks came out the same color they went in, so that's fine.

Sawed some dead branches off the pear tree. Mrs. Fungus wanted her gravity chair, and when I got that out I saw that a branch had broken and was laying atop the shedlet. I sawed it off and some other deadwood; I'll cut them to smaller lengths on Sunday and drag them to the curb. After I fix the chain saw.

Apparently not happy that they couldn't screw up our order with asbestos tile this time, Luna bungled their appointment system today. We were waiting around the house all day for a team to come and install laminate in our front hall; about 3-ish Mrs. Fungus called them to ask where they were, and we learned that the install guys got hung up at their first job and wouldn't be making it to our house today. Quoth the phone rep, "He said he was going to call you, but forgot."

Us: WTF.

So what should be a cut-and-dried install of laminate flooring has turned into a boondoggle. It's like Luna just doesn't want our business or something.


After waking up at 10 AM and being up all day (after getting to bed late last night) I was pretty tired and ended up taking a nap. Got up, had some more chicken and watched a couple of dumb YouTube videos, and wrote this; Now it's bedtime again.

Plus side: got more work done on AV. I'm hoping the thing's been kickstarted so I can continue adding to it. My goal is submission for publication by the end of November. We'll see how I do.

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