atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6281: 200 pages!

So, because today was epic slow at work after about 2 PM, I added more pages to Apocalyptic Visions and got the page count to 200.

Even better?

I wrote more about the character mentioned in this post. When I stopped and thought about it, I felt a great deal of pleasure at the realization that I had created this character 29 years ago (a bit less)--my first protagonist!--and here I was writing a story with him in it.

* * *

We gotta indict someone for this thing! F-ing Democrats....

* * *

THIS is how a President should treat news organizations that lie about him.

* * *

They wouldn't be leftists if they weren't hypocrites. I mean, really. That's like one of the prerequisites: "Do you believe in one set of rules for you, and a different set for everyone else?" "Yes!" "Congratulations, here's your hammer and sickle! Now grab a diaper and a sign on your way out, because we're sending you to Bismarck to protest an oil pipeline tonight." "Sweet!"

* * *

Even better: I wrote the scene alluded to in $Release_Candidate_One, where the uniform of a certain stellar navy is established by a character to show how silly she thinks the idea is....

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