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#6284: Okay, that does it. I have HAD IT

Went to McDonald's for lunch today. On the way back, POW! goes the Jeep. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so I figured it was something other than the truck that had made the noise (as I was in light traffic at the time) and didn't worry about it.

Left work, went to put my bag in the truck and what did I see? Right rear tire, totally f-ing flat.

For fuck's sake.

Sighing, I got out the jack and such and started jacking up the truck. As soon as I lay down behind the thing to stick the jack under the axle, I saw the problem; a piece of metal about 3/16" thick and 3/8" wide, depth indeterminate. Got the truck up and the wheel off. Looked at the tire, wondering if I could plug patch it, but decided "no" and got the spare on, then stowed the tools.

By then, hypoglycemic attack! Lunch was 3.5 hours ago! Stopped at a gas station for something to drink, and something to eat; bought a sandwich (this gas station has an actual for-real deli in it) and a liter jug of diet Mountain Dew because that was the only size of that drink they had. Approximately half an acre of lettuce on the sandwich. Every asshole in the world on the way home. Got home mad enough to chew water and spit fusion.

Lay in bed for a while, then went out to look at the tire. Four different pairs of pliers, including vice grips, and I could not get the damned foreign body out. Looks like it has a big end that went into the tire.

Started the motorcycle. It started okay, but it won't make any power. Not sure if it needs to warm up longer, needs new gasoline, or needs carb cleaning. Put it back in the garage in disgust.

So I'm going to need to get the tire looked at tomorrow. I am hoping that it can be patched, but the hole is big enough that I have my doubts. I think I can see frayed steel wires inside, which generally means YOUR FUCKING TIRE IS RUINED, ASSHOLE, SO YOU CAN JUST EAT SHIT AND DIE ALREADY.

If the tire can't be fixed? I'm going to see about getting two new tires on the front. At least that way I won't have to worry as much about hydroplaning in the rain as I do with these, since they're getting worn out anyway. But that's an expense I was hoping to put off until later this year. Do two tires now and maybe the other two at the end of summer.


* * *

I can't even write anything about politics right now, because the mood I'm in, my response to any leftist idiocy aqpproximates "I WILL FUCKING MURDER YOU". I realize all that does is bring me down to their level, so I won't.

* * *

Three weeks without sunspots. Have not had a run like that since 2009. Solar minimum is coming.

* * *

A couple of good points.

Gender diversity versus economics. De longer you verk her, diverse it gets.

Give Planned Parenthood's federal money to the NRA instead. Save children instead of killing them.

* * *

Pixy Misa makes the point that crApple's new Core i9 Crapintosh has a shitty thermal management system and so it runs slower than the one with the Core i7 processor in it:
Apple's top of the line i9 MacBook Pro can't maintain the stated base speed of its CPU due to thermal throttling--to the point that it can be slower than the cheaper i7 model.
Oh, it starts out faster, but it slows down as it heats up. Otherwise it fries a $2,000 CPU.

* * *

Yes, a volcanic eruption is an awe-inspiring sight. No, you should not get close to it. This is not that hard to understand you fucking ass goblins.

* * *

Everything was fine this morning until the last 15 minutes of my commute turned into half an hour. I got off the highway and BLAMMO there was a frigging parking lot on the side street. Construction.

Got to work late because of that. Would have been on time otherwise.

Everything was more or less okay until that fucking flat tire, after which--

Slow again today, though. Call center in Florida got trained on Corporate skill set so they're doing all the emails. I compensated by working on AV. The story is coming along, at least.

that's all I've got

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