atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6286: Not repairable!

Took Jeep's tire to a shop, they said, "Nope, the hole is too big" as I expected, hence YOUR FUCKING TIRE IS RUINED, ASSHOLE, SO YOU CAN JUST EAT SHIT AND DIE ALREADY BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BITCH HERE.

New tire, $100. once the post is up, tire shopping. Thrillsville.

* * *

Leftists are jerks.

* * *

If you want to generate global warming hysteria in a cooling world you really need to cherry-pick your facts and data. Otherwise reality demonstrates that you're full of shit.

* * *

Only a leftist self-styled intellectual could say something so breathtakingly stupid. "Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs." As is pointed out at the link, whether you have one, two, or sixty-seven jobs, you count as not unemployed. Period. You are only unemployed if you have no job.

You'd think someone with an economics degree would understand that, but we're talking about an avowed socialist, here.

* * *

It's amazing to me how the impressions of the past remain on the land. Long after the stones are gone or buried we can still see where they were.

* * *

THIS is what I was talking about when I metaphorically rolled my eyes in disgust at Faceboob's Mandela tribute.

Communist is as communist does. I have no kind words for them.

* * *

Agreed, that's exactly what it does. Pull up your pants. This isn't that damned difficult. I mean, you do realize that what you are in fact doing is mimicking a signal used by prison inmates to indicate that they are willing to take it up the ass?

* * *

Tires! Fucking thrillsville!

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