atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6287: Well, that was expensive.

Mrs. Fungus was fairly adamant that I should just get new tires for the Jeep and not mess around with replacing them in pairs, esp. since she knew about the hydroplaning incidents on the 4th. Ended up going to the place I went last time--Tire Barn in Highland--because their web site had the best deal on tires: 4 Hankook 225/75R15 for $362 installed. It actually ended up being $388 with taxes and tire disposal, but the other sites didn't figure that either, so it was about right. Besides, the least-expensive tires available at other places were all no-name tires like the ones that I bought last time. At least I've heard of Hankook before, and supposedly they make a fairly decent tire. Probably better than "Runway" brand. *rolleyes*

So, I have absolutely no money left whatsoever, but I've got four new tires on the Jeep, which means I shouldn't hydroplane as easily.

Incidentally, what ruined the tire? Having made the appointment for new tires I dug it out without worrying about damaging the ruined tire, and it turned out to be a friggin' wheel balance weight. Because some nameless asshat couldn't be fucked to put this balance weight on correctly, I had to buy new tires today. Argh etc.

Well, who knows? Maybe this averted a bigger disaster, something bad that would have happened if that tire hadn't been ruined. I mean, the tires that were on the Jeep still had some life left in them; the tread passed the penny test even though the wear bars were visible--but the grip I got in wet conditions was considerably less than optimal. It's just possible that this weight was sent from God to save my life.

And I actually should not say "I have absolutely no money left whatsoever", either, because I do in fact have money in my savings account. But I am predisposed to treat that as "money I do not have", because if you spend it you're not saving it, right? I'm not actually broke; I am just technically broke. Broke due to a technicality.

It's all good.

* * *

Incidentally, the Jeep ticked over 186,000 miles on Monday. It's traveled an entire light-second! Whee!

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