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#6290: I don't know what to say about this.

But the map is interesting by itself.

* * *

You can scream that until you're blue in the face, you sissified wuss, and it's not going to make Trump or Pence go away.

Vote them out, if you can, but standing in front of a camera, jumping up and down, and not-yelling a stupid slogan several times until you're winded is not gonna do it.

That "not-yelling" thing is what you do when it's late at night and you don't want to wake up your parents but you want to make it obvious that you'd be yelling really loudly if you could.

James Woods' comment is probably the best answer to that idiocy, though.

* * *

...if you're a male human and you voluntarily put on a "pussy hat", report to the nearest hospital to have your dick removed. You don't deserve to have one. (I expect you're already missing your testicles; otherwise I'd specify their removal as well.)

* * *

Five pages today. Found a major problem with a previous page, though. Tried to fix it, couldn't, and so I just delineated it with some bold text acknowledging that that particular section needed fixing, because while I had the presence of mind to know it was problematic, at that point I was too woozy to figure out how to fix it. Argh etc.

Jeep's handling has improved. I think the tires needed to break in; now that they have she feels rock solid even at speed. The solidity I felt below 45 MPH now extends to 78, and it no longer feels as if it needs an alignment, either.

I still cannot believe it was, after all that, the friggin' tires. I just can't believe it. It defies everything I know about diagnostics and the process of elimination. Getting new tires in 2015 should have changed the wobble, but it was exactly the same as it had been with the original set of tires, and to my way of thinking that eliminates the tires as a cause of the wobble. Especially when rotating the tires never changed the nature of the wobble, either. If you do something and there's no change, usually that something is eliminated as a cause.

Yet here we are.

It does not hurt that I got name-brand tires--Hankook are pretty well-known and decidedly more of a brand than "Runway" or whatever that last set was. Maybe that was the problem: took off a set of nearly bald Goodyears which had seen their day, and replaced them with a no-name Chinesium set which probably wasn't all that fantastic a tire. Or maybe the mechanic simply didn't bother to balance the tires and left the wheel weights from the Goodyears on, making the balance 100% wrong. (But I would have expected that to give me vibrations all over the speedo, not just at 55 MPH.)

I will probably never know. And, in fact, I don't really care all that much. The wobble is gone and I can go 55 MPH without feeling like my front end is going to spontaneously detach itself.

This is progress.

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