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#6293: If you wonder why, this is why.

William Shatner explains it.

When I see a celebrity, especially someone I admire, I tend to stay away from them. Even if they're taking the trouble to be available for their fans, I don't want to bother them. Shatner's piece is why: like anyone else, celebrities sometimes want some quiet recreational time. I don't want to be the "Ohh hey I love your stuff hurr duurrr let me interrupt your evening blah blah blah" type.

I don't blame him at all. Not even a little bit. If I saw him in a public place, I'd say, "Man, there's William Shatner!" But I wouldn't run over to him and gush over him and ask for an autograph and a photograph. WTF.

"Oh, but they like to talk to their fans!" Sorry, but that's not for you to decide.

* * *

I read this one at work and was sitting there with my mouth open. Basics: Hawaii has a concealed carry law, but the permits are "may issue" at the discretion of police (or someone), and no such permit has ever been issued. It's one of those cases where "Sure, you can have a permit for a concealed handgun, as long as we don't find that you're a crazed nutjob and you actually need it!" Only to have the answer be, every time you fill out an application, "Well, you haven't demonstrated to our satisfaction that you actually need it, so your permission slip is denied."

It amounts to a de facto ban on concealed carry while being a de jure system for allowing it.

The fact that no concealed carry permits have ever been issued under this law, however, led the court to rule that Hawaii must allow open carry.

They can only continue this byzantine and restrictive concealed carry, ruled the court, if they allow open carry. And holy shit if that one goes to the Supreme Court, guess what happens?

Lovely! Awesome!

* * *

When has this happened that it was not a friggin' hoax? Guy with islamic name scrawled "We don't tip terrorist" on the receipt from some couple or other. I guess they didn't tip him, for whatever reason. No one has said why; was his service lousy? Did he do something asinine like add an item to the bill they didn't order? He certainly added the note to the bill himself.

Restaurant goes off half-cocked and bans the couple from the restaurant. The islamic waiter gets donations from people.

Oh...turns out the note was a hoax. Boy, is our face red! Hey, you couple, come back for a steak dinner on us, why don't you? We're real sorry! Yeah, we fired that douchebag, too. Please don't sue us.


If it were me, I would politely decline the restaurant's offer and simply make sure everyone knew what lovely service I received there.

Fiver says that restaurant hits the skids, though. Who wants to risk being falsely labeled a racist?

* * *

So, another islamic murder rampage that totally is not a terror attack happened in Toronto, which is in Canada, where they have the kind of gun control leftists wish the US had.

I can't resist going for the easy one here. His family said he was afflicted with "severe mental health challenges". What, like being a muslim??


* * *

If one chip dies, your data becomes unrecoverable. Thanks, Apple!

The computer's SSD is hard-soldered to the motherboard. Older models had a port you could use to maybe hopefully recover data from the SSD even if the motherboard died. New models do not.

This exchange:


With an intelligently-designed computer, if the motherboard blows up, you can take the hard drive out. But when "the switch is welded to the frame"?

Why I don't like Apple products #14,390,004

* * *

I wish I could say that I found this tragedy surprising, but I really don't. Look: if you're nuts enough to think that running around topless with words painted on your body is fighting the patriarchy, you're probably a suicide risk as well.

* * *

Rick and Morty is pretty entertaining stuff but man, what a piece of work its creator is. Wonder if this is going to end that series now? I agree, first and second seasons were great, but the third season was of lesser cloth.

* * *

This is indeed the problem. Ending the Saturn V program was the biggest error in the history of the world. Now, we're lucky to have SpaceX, because they're bringing back the kind of technological superiority that took us to the Moon--but we have lost a lot, even so.

Just having the blueprints isn't enough.

* * *

PS: wanted to add comment at post but it's annoying.

Comment: "Why? Because skinny neckties are out of fashion. When manly men again dress like those guys in the photo, we will go back to the Moon!"

My response: "Actually those are a bunch of guys from Geek Squad."

* * *

Work on AV continues. More pages today, and we're probably a hop, skip, and a jump away from the commencement of hostilities. Fun!
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