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Luna, you guys suck.

So, today we had the last bit of flooring in the main part of the house scheduled. Dining room, maybe 14' square, if that.

No, let's go back.

June, we had the excellent salesman from Luna out. He's the guy that sold us the carpeting for the family and computer rooms. Very happy with it, nice carpeting, but it was a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS to get it installed.

We figured--okay, that's a blip. Lots of houses built when this one was have asbestos in them, call it the price of doing business and move on. No problem.

June, with the painting done and all, we have the same salesman come out so we can get the other public rooms done. Living room has nice wood floor, we'll leave that, but the dining room and entry hall could use some new flooring. Picked out some nice flooring, laminate for the entry hall and carpet for the dining room. Entry hall scheduled for July 11, the dining room July 18.

July 11, we sit here at home all day waiting for installers. Finally Mrs. Fungus calls Luna customer service; they call the installer and then tell us, "Oh, they had some problems at their first job and won't be able to make it today, and they forgot to call you."

"Forgot". Okay.

Rescheduled for 7/18. For a wonder, they showed up and installed the laminate. It looks nice.

So today was supposed to be the last thing that needs doing--get the carpet in, then next week we bring the furniture. Got movers scheduled and everything next week. It's a bit close, but it gets me out of the unit on the first of the month.

Today I got up at 9:30 and--knowing they'd be coming--sat here at the computer writing a blog post and fiddling with WoW and just generally waiting for the installers.

1:30, Mrs. Fungus asks, "Do you think I should call them?"

Customer service rep: "Oh, they were there at nine and there was no answer so they went to their next job."

From there it descended into chaos. Mrs. Fungus asked to speak to a manager because she didn't want to yell at a rep, and the rep told her there were no managers. It only got worse from there. None of the representatives we talked to ever apologized for the inconvenience, and their solution is, "Well, we can reschedule it...."

Protip: when you're a phone rep, you let the customer speak. You don't talk over them. Everyone at that call center talked over us. The last person we talked to, "Randy", who I suppose was a supervisor, he surpassed that nether standard by calling my wife a jerk.

So the practical upshot of all this is that we've rescheduled our appointment for tomorrow morning. I'm going to be sitting in the driveway in a lawn chair at 9 AM with my phone next to me waiting for them. Once that's all done I'll go to work.

My wife asked for a credit for the inconveninence. "Randy" offered us $25. He might have been able to fix all this if he'd given us a bigger credit than "slap in the face" territory.

But no. Well, the other two rooms and the basement we want to get new carpeting in? We'll find another company to do those rooms. This will be absolutely the last carpeting we buy from Luna. Ever. And we will tell everyone who will listen that you absolutely should never, never, ever buy carpeting from Luna.

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