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#6298: Now I understand.

This is what explained it to me simply enough that I got it. The whole Mueller investigation seems like an unendurable boil on Trump's backside, and he can fire all those shitheads, so why doesn't he? It seemed to me that he wanted to avoid all the political fallout, similar to what he got when he fired Comey. All of which he is 100% entitled to do.

No matter how much money Mueller spends or how many prosecutors he hires, he can't save Hillary.

Hillary's lies split Mueller's congressional constituency of Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans. And if Mueller can't prove Hillary's stolen election conspiracy theory, the Democrats will be the first to turn on him. The longer the Mueller investigation drags on, the higher the expectations for its outcome grow. Like Madoff, Mueller is trapped in an investigative pyramid scheme that he can never deliver on. And so all he can do is keep growing the pyramid, branch it out and drag it on for as long as humanly possible.

That's the Washington D.C. way.

Hillary Clinton’s reverse Midas Touch cost the Democrats the election. Their obsession with Hillary's election conspiracy theories is likely to cost them the midterm elections. The average voter cares about the economy. The Russia conspiracy theories leave swing voters unimpressed and uninterested. And when the Mueller investigation runs out of every trick and gimmick, it will also be Hillary's fault.

And by the time that's done, the Democrats will have wasted three elections chasing Hillary's lies.
This is why Trump isn't getting rid of it: it's politically advantageous to him. It keeps Democrats focused on something that is 100% nothingburger and which--so far--has done more to hurt Democrats than anything he could do on his own. The investigation isn't going to find anything on him, and the longer it goes on, the worse it gets for the opposition.

He'll probably fire everyone in December, then.

* * *

If you don't have ovaries and a uterus, you don't get periods. A biological male taking female hormones is physically incapable of having a period. The symptoms that women experience every month are due to fluctuations in their hormones, something regulated by ovaries and the pituitary. Men--lacking ovaries--do not experience these variations.

Note that I'm not saying that variations in their hormones are impossible; only that it's not a period, which is something biological that only females do. The symptoms these men experience may be due to psychosomatic causes, hormonal variations from their bodies' own attempts at self-regulation, or from the simple fact that no one takes their medication at exactly the same time every day, week, or month (depending on the dosing regimin).

Even so, I'm still leaning towards "mental illness".

* * *

What is "democratic socialism"? Well, it's socialism, which always has the exact same endpoint of any other kind of socialism. Meaning that it ends with poverty and want and a boot stomping a human face for as long as they can cling to power.

* * *

Suddenly the left is interested in states' rights. Trump's EPA ending California's waiver for federal smog rules is oh-so-terrible because "muh tenth amendment."

At this point, the green justice warriors may be regretting their decision to target Scott Pruitt so viciously. The new acting head of the EPA seems to have taken the driver's seat and is speeding along a road called Regulatory Rollback.
As much as you don't like someone that Trump appointed? Just be careful about ousting him, because the next person Trump appoints may be even less to your liking than the first guy was.

I, personally, love this. I love seeing California's special treatment go by the wayside. I love that California is no longer going to be setting emissions policy for the US. And I love that the eco-nazis--having gotten what they wanted from Pruitt's ouster--are now less happy with his replacement.

This is a trend I want to see continue: sure, get rid of our guy...but watch out for his successor.

* * *

What's surprising about this? Leftists always leave a huge toxic mess for others to clean up.

* * *

Government spending is part of how GDP is figured. It's the "G" in the equation. And it turns out that we're not really sure how much the government is spending.

$240 billion is less than two percent of federal spending, but as Vox Day points out, when GDP is less than the error in your federal spending, you have no idea if the economy is growing or shrinking.

* * *

Having rid themselves of all badthinkers and wrongthinkers, the SJWs of WorldCon turn on each other. And we just sit back and eat popcorn and laugh at them.

* * *

Because of Luna, asininity, I told work I'd be in late today, which is why the post is going up now instead of this evening. With the post done, I might as well get on with my day.
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