atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6300: Dekita!

So after the last post I resumed work. I finished sorting and repacking and threw out a whole bunch of stuff, and cut down all the boxes and put them in the recycle bin, and moved and rearranged and tucked and--

And it's fantastic. There's more room down there now than there was last July.

With all that completed--and with the attic stuff stowed up there--I hauled out the tractor and cut the grass, so I got that chore checked off my "to do" list.

So now, I will go take a shower, and then go to get my wife's RXs, and something for dinner. And then I will probably collapse into a tired little puddle.

But, oh well. Got done today what I wanted to get done, all of it, and I feel great.

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